oshc & sprout




Sprout has received a wonderful new makeover.  A huge thank you to the men's shed for their generosity in making these fantastic tables!  


Wominjeka everyone,

Welcome back to Term 3! We hope you had a fantastic break and you are ready for another great Term at OSHC with lots of fun activities and projects!

This Term students will not only enjoy their favourite activities such as, lego, planks and magnet constructions, dramatic play in the home/dress up corner (which, by the way, is very popular across all ages and gender), art & craft and outdoor games, but students will be also involved in lots of fantastic ongoing projects. A couple of these will be for the Winter Magic Market, such as making juggling balls and lots and lots of lemonade!!!

Other projects will be:

  • Sustaining our veggie garden with more native plants, herbs and trees
  • Making cloth handbags for sustainable shopping
  • Learning about personal safety through drama

This term we will offer two ongoing incursions:

Hip Hop Program (Incursions): every Thursday, Natasha and Perri Sharan from Flashdance Performing Arts will teach students some basic hip hop steps and a cool routine!!! Please be aware the incursions occur between 4-5pm, so I would suggest you to come to pick up your children after 5pm to avoid any disappointments. I am guessing this program will be very popular!

Circus Incursions: yes, that’s right, after last year’s success and after lots of requests, circus is coming back later this term, and half of Term 4!!! Days to be confirmed… stay tuned!

This year, to make the most of our fabulous educators, we have been working to deliver ongoing, deeper educational experiences. Our aim is to provide variety and continuity, for the students to develop and improve meaningful skills and most important, have fun! 


This Term, we are very excited to offer the following activity clubs:

MondayCooking Club – Bush Tucker with NaarahStudents will improve their cooking skills, using our veggie patch and bush tucker.
 Sewing Club with Bev and JackieStudents will develop basic skills in sewing using needles and our new  sewing machines.
 Garden Gurus Club with AdamStudents will participate in all aspects of gardening, observe the nature cycle, explore their environment, and learn  practical outdoor skills.
TuesdayTherapy Art Club with JackieStudents will relax through a variety of art experiences and sensory play.
 Catch Up ClubStudents will have the opportunity to catch up with their homework and work on stories and Powerpoint projects
WednesdayComic Club with AdamStudents will read and create graphic novels and comic strips.
 Coding Club with EricGrade 3-6 students will learn and improve basic coding and programming skills.
 Cooking Club – Bush Tucker with CarlyAs students truly enjoy cooking, more opportunities are offered to cater for all children.
ThursdayHip Hop Program with Natasha and Perri Sharan from Flashdance Performing Arts SchoolStudents will learn basic hip hop steps to be able to perform in a simple dance routine, with two wonderful professional dancers! How lucky!
 Science Club with BriannaStudents will continue to experiment, tinker, wonder, learn and explore.
FridayCard/Board Games Club with AdamStudents will learn challenging Euro-games and develop new ones.
 Drama and Film Club with SteveStudents will learn acting and filming skills through drama games in different scenarios with a focus on safety and wellbeing.
 Garden Gurus Club with BevStudents will learn how to look after our veggie patch though planting native plants, herbs and trees.


1st Hip Hop Incursion with Natasha and Perri:


There were lots of enthusiasm and excitement for the hip hop incursion yesterday! Students truly enjoyed performing their  first dance routine and they can’t wait for the next one! If you would like your children to participate you can make a casual booking via MFL.




Garden Gurus with Bev: Murnong planting and exploring nature

Children planted the Murnong and learnt that Murnong were farmed by the Wurundjeri people and they ate the yam part of the plant. Students found a worm and Sophia observed it was a big worm and said “it was big so it was an old worm”. Lu said “worms eggs look like little beads”. How cute!




Cooking Club with Carly:  Students soaked the vermicelli noodles and cooked some tofu to accompany the various veg and bean sprouts. The students were very patient and developed their rolling skills very quickly - including the juniors. The process required precision and fairness in relation to how much of the ingredients they used so as to not overpack their rolls or unfairly use all the produce. There was then the option to fry their rolls to transform them into spring rolls! Yum!



Comic Club: With copyright permission from Andrew, students at comic club have been exploring classic comic strips from Garfield, Peanuts, and the Far Side. Focussing initially on creating characters, students were encouraged to work their characters into a comic strip or graphic novel. This required not only creativity but patience and a consistent approach. Great work!



Important notes:


  1. Direct Debit Forms are now due.

Forms are emailed out. You can write digitally on the PDF and email back or simply complete a hard copy form. Spare blank forms are also available at the program and school office.

All families must complete a Direct Debit form no matter how casually children attend the program. If you have any questions please let Bernadetta know.


2. Payments through Direct Debit commence next week for the weekly transactions and in week 3 for the fortnightly transactions.