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As a community we feel it's important to stay positive and have some happy stories come our  way during these uncertain times. 


We will be sharing stories through social media and in Five Exciting Things once term 2 commences.  These stories will come from our community and we will also dig up blast from the past stories. 


A question to our school students and families,  teachers and staff please share any fun things, acts of kindness and interesting activities you are doing from your home. Just a simple sentence or two and a photo is optional - please send it to 

attention to: Marketing.


Thank you everyone :-)



Check out this week's Knox Leader 'Tomorrow’s Leaders 2020' special edition. Over 430 school captains from across Melbourne were interviewed sharing their thoughts, hopes and dreams with readers. It will give people hope to know that despite the tough current circumstances our future is in good hands. Read it here


You can also read it on The Herald Sun website if you have a subscription.


Well done to Cooper Denny and Tiana Massin, West School Captains and James Yrdreos and Jessica Daish, East School Captains.





The news about COVID-19 is not only unavoidable but also changing on a daily basis.  Rowville Secondary College will always work to ensure that our community is a healthy, safe one. Our goal is to help contain the spread of the virus to members of our community as best we can.

Rowville Secondary College will endeavour to update our community with the latest on COVID-19. Updates will also come through Compass and on our website. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Wellbeing Team East and West are keen to extend our arm of support to all families during this difficult period with continued access to wellbeing services during school hours.

The available team includes: Andy Phillips (West Campus Wellbeing Coordinator and Social Worker), Joanne Johnson (East Campus Coordinator) and Emma McLachlan (Multi-campus school counsellor and provisional psychologist).


There are a number of ways to engage our support:

  • Referrals from learning mentors
  • Sending an email to our wellbeing address to request a return call or information:
  • Phoning either campus wellbeing office directly as these messages are retrievable remotely: WEST CAMPUS 9755 4533
  • EAST CAMPUS 9755 4616


At Rowville Secondary College, the House System is used as a vehicle for building a vibrant, connected and positive school culture. Proudly introducing our new mascot logos for Aston Kangaroos, Mabo Dingos, Stynes Sharks and Walton Eagles.

Here’s a reminder of the reasoning behind our chosen mascots:


“The Aston Kangaroo is an indigenous Australian animal, appearing on the Australian coat of arms, as well as the $1 coin. Traits of the Kangaroo our students relate to in their schooling journey are – they are strong and powerful, caring and nurturing of others, explorers of unchartered territory, and they work well with others in groups.” – Aston House Leader.


“The Mabo Dingo is a native Australian animal that features in many dreamtime stories. Dingos are identified as independent, curious, loyal and intelligent animals. These traits are those which we see in our Mabo House student learners.”

 – Mabo House Leader.


"The Stynes Shark is an animal capable of complex social interactions using subtle body language in order to communicate with each other. The shark continually moves through its watery environment with confidence. It is resilient, strong, tough and persistent. Instead of fearing the predatory prowess of these animals, Aboriginal people see in sharks, strength and values which are a model of human behaviour.”

 – Stynes House Leader.


“The Walton Eagle was chosen for its Australian identity, connection to the indigenous people of this land and and it’s ability to fly like our namesake: Nancy Bird-Walton. The Eagle represents the creator of the land and waterways of this area. Fly high.”  – Walton House Leader.


Visit our website for more information on our school House System.


As of the 18th March 2020 the current house points tallies for each house based on Student Merits are as  follows

  • Aston 290 points
  • Walton 251 points
  • Stynes 245 points
  • Mabo 225 points




On Friday the 20th of March, Rowville Secondary College joined 60% of all Australian schools to celebrate Anti-Bullying Day! This day was held to come together as a community and take action against bullying and violence. The SRC asked a students what they are doing to stand against bullying for Anti-Bullying Day. This is what some of them said:


  • Ainslee Gutteridge: “I stand against bullying by not becoming a bystander and helping out the person getting bullied.”
  • Ashley Briant: “I’m standing against bullying by offering my emotional support to anyone who wants or needs it.”
  • Laila Mehr: “I’m standing against bullying by not being a bystander and helping the victim that is being targeted.”
  • Ethan Peck: “I’m standing against bullying by providing comfort and closure to those who have been bullied.”
  • Brooke Barnard: “I’m standing against bullying by reducing the amount of effect it has on the victim”

The SRC also sold orange ribbons for a gold coin donation during the week. The money raised will be donated to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and the Brodies Law Foundation.

As well as the orange ribbons, students and staff also wore a splash of orange on Friday to represent Anti-Bullying Day and take a stand against bullying! The day was very successful  despite the COVID-19 restrictions, RSC is a strong and  proud community! 


Written by Charlie Harris, Year 10 student.  


Watch 'Bullying is not okay' video.



Join the Rowville Secondary College Alumni Association and be part of the growing story of our school’s history and future. We believe alumni are an essential part of Rowville Secondary College’s community. In addition to attending reunions, alumni are uniquely placed to inspire current and future students and staff and provide career guidance and work experience opportunities, establish scholarships and bequests, or volunteer in lots of other ways.

Visit our website for more information on our Alumni program.



Congratulations SRC House Captains who were announced early this term. Our House Captains are from years 8 through to year 12 for each house and campus. The students had to apply with a written application, and interviewed with House Leaders as well as School Captains. The role of House Captains will be to represent the views of the student cohort and actively encourage student voice, building house culture and assisting in house related responsibilities and participating proactively and professionally in all SRC meetings. 




The year 7 SRC Rainbow captains are:

 "The SRC roles were given to students that submitted an outstanding application." - Ms. Claire Folie, Transition Coordinator & Teacher. 


“Sadly we had to say goodbye to our international student, Eliane Ott in term 1. She was meant to be here until the end of term 2 but due to ongoing international concerns, her parents have asked her to return home tomorrow. To say goodbye we recorded a song for her in VCE Music, with a message to say farewell and thank you.”

– Mr. Jake Johnson, Music Director.


Listen to song recorded by our VCE Music.



As part of our VCAL program all senior students undertook a course in fire fighter training every Friday morning in term 1. The course covers key outcome that are included in several of the VCAL strands. 



Well done to past student Dilini Wijetunga who graduated in 2016 from our RIA Music program. Dilini has just received her Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from the Royal Victorian Aero Club (RVAC). She got her Recreational Pilot License (RPL) whilst studying her VCE at RSC.  


“After her success at VCE/VET she continues flying at RVAC and completing her Music Degrees at Monash University. Her background was definitely nourished at Rowville Secondary Colleges RIA and MSA programs. This is a great school which gives opportunity for multi-talented youth," said Dilini’s Mother.


“Congratulations Dilini for finishing her CPL! Gaining her RPL with us, helping us out working at Flight Ops while training toward her CPL. We are extremely proud!” - Royal Victorian Aero Club. 

Royal Victorian Aero Club Flight Training is one of Australia’s most reputable flying school and a leader in providing contemporary and professional aviation training services for domestic and international students. With a proud history of training pilots for over 100 years, RVAC continues to play a significant role in aviation and has provided pilots to some of the most prestigious airlines throughout the world.


Congratulations Dilini!


Why not follow the life of Billy our school therapy dog on his own Instagram account these school holidays. Click here.  Enjoy!


A huge congratulations to all of our college students who auditioned for our 2020 School Production. We would like say well done to you all. The cast list can be viewed here


**Currently auditions are postponed but we will update you with any changes through compass.



Recently our year 8 students across both campuses stepped back in time and learnt about the Medieval way of life. Experts introduced the year 8 classes to medieval clothes, armour and weaponry. Students got to dress up and experience for themselves what it was like to live back then.  


Click here to access our latest careers newsletterfrom our careers team.




All VCE students here is useful information about a online free tutoring service that may help with your studies in these trying times. It is  titled Year 12 info but it may be useful for Year 11 students as well. Please continue to check emails and compass as the Careers team will continue to provide information like this throughout the year.






On 11th March, 20 RSA Football girls attended the Melbourne City Women’s Leadership Breakfast at the City Academy as part of International Women’s week. On arrival in Bundoora at 7am for a healthy breakfast, the girls heard from women working within the industry across a number of roles including football players, marketing, sponsorship, event and operations management and more. Our girls learned what skills were required for the roles and pathways available for women in sport.


There were also practical workshops for the girls to work with students from other schools to discuss different scenarios before returning to school mid-morning. From all accounts, the girls enjoyed an informative morning and were thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this inspiring event.


Huge congratulations to the following RSA basketball student-athletes, who have been selected for the U16 State team in Victoria.


U16 Victoria Metro boys

  • Joel Foxwell
  • Max Zalakos

U16 Victoria Metro girls

  • Lucy Dexter
  • Dakota Crichton

U16 Victoria Country boys

  • Corey Hastings

U16 Victoria Country girls

  • Jessica-Belle Catheray-Harvey

(Emergency for Vic Country U16 girls)

  • Hayley Letts
  • Kaitlyn Scott



Unfortunately, due to new restrictions, the usual competitions and events we compete in have been postponed or cancelled. Spare a thought for our RSA students who will need to practice their mental discipline even more diligently alongside their physical disciplines to maintain motivation over this time.


RSA Golfers


The RSA Golfers have trained solidly this term with an eye to key events such as the VSSSA Qualifying at Eastwood Golf Club and the Australian Junior Championships in Canberra.

First term has gone so fast and the growth scoreboards of many of our golfers have also risen quickly. We look forward to seeing where the strong achievement rate of our RSA Golfers will take us over the next 2 months.


Written by Mr. Tim Wendel, Coach.


RSA Netball


We have had a good start to the year spending our training time developing the foundations and basics that will set us up for future competitions. The Year 7s have settled in well and all other girls have transitioned well into their new training groups. All groups have worked on setting ‘Above the Line’ standards they have committed to for the year, as well as individual goals to keep them motivated and on track.

Written by Ms. Erin Bell , Coach.


RSA Cricket 


This year we have made a positive start with our intermediate and senior groups already winning their way through district stage at SSV level.

Increased numbers of quality players in our program, including a higher intake of female cricketers, are all positive signs for our cricket program for the future.  


Written by Mr. Darren Berry, Coach.


RSA Football (Soccer)


RSA Senior squads have been able to exhibit their skills playing in the SSV PREMIER LEAGUE competition sponsored by Melbourne Victory. At the point of the tournament being suspended due to the Coronavirus situation the boys results have been as follows.

  • RSA Draw 5-5 with John Fawkner College
  • RSA Win 5-1 against SEDA

The girls senior squad results have been

  • RSA Win 8-1 against University HS
  • RSA Win 11-2 against Northcote HS.

These results indicate both teams are looking good for qualification through to the semi-final stage. All other squads will be in action, subject to restrictions due to the Coronavirus, beginning in term 2 and beyond.


- Written by Mr. Ian Greener, Coach.



RSA Aussie Rules Football (AFL) 


It’s been a fantastic start for the AFL program at RSA, in particular, how well our new students have settled in. We have a very enthusiastic group of new Year 7's, with a majority of them completing the first challenge of the year, which was to successfully juggle 3 tennis balls for 15 seconds. A lot of the students had never juggled before, but by listening to instructions, working hard and practice they were able to achieve the task set by the start of March. Very well done!!

All other students have come back and jumped into training with great energy and a number of our players have been selected for NAB League squads, both boys and girls and in U/18's and U/16's programs.


We wish them all the best this year, and continue to ask all members of the program to be not only the best player they can be, but more importantly the best person they can be off the field.


Written by Mr. Darren Bewick, Coach.


RSA Volleyball


It has been a very busy first term for the Volleyball program with SSV Group Finals, State Team Selections, National Selections and Vic Beach Championships.

Highlights include:

  • SSV Group Round Robin
  • Senior Girls Champions
  • Inter Girls and Inter Boys Champions
  • SSV under 16 State Team selections: well done to Krisahna Demetriou Yr 9, Tahlia Saravanamuttu  Yr 9, Seth Monahan Yr 9
  • National Junior Beach Championships  Gold Coast  -  Seth Monahan Yr 9
  • National Youth Squad Selection - Krisahna Demetriou Yr 9
  • National Junior Squad V Japan at AIS  Rohan Affonso yr 11
  • Vic Cup Beach Championships - Rowville SC crowned Champion School  2nd year in a row. 3rd win overall. 6 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals.

Written by Peter Bundy, Coach.



RSA Basketball


Here are the highlights below from our Basketball program.

  • Under 15 girls (National Schools Champions) invited to represent Australia at the first ever World High School’s Championships to be conducted in Zadar, Croatia.
  • Intermediates Year 9 / 10 RSA Invitational Tournament
  • All Juniors Years 7 / 8 Shooting video’s compiled and forwarded to students and parents for review and critique.
  • Successful before school State Development Program conducted on Wednesday mornings 7.00am – 8.45am
  • Two thirds total attendance by basketball athlete students at before school tutoring program on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Sleep study video’s x 3 delivered to years 7 – 10.
  • Stress and de-stress programs undertaken and are ongoing.
  • Organisation and individual weekly and monthly schedules are progressing.
  • Above and Below the Line behaviours established with all students.
  • Compulsory in program school study focus sessions activated.
  • Two recovery sessions per week activated – Yoga and Pilates.
  • Fundamentals and Skills development – 2 x sessions per week.
  • Athletic and Physical development – 3 x sessions per week.

It has been a challenging term for various reasons even so the students have displayed amazing resilience and we are extremely proud of who they are becoming.


Written by Mr Dean Kinsman, Coach.



RSA Tennis


Here are the highlight and results from our tennis program.

  • District Winners Year 8, 9/10 and 11/12, going on to the next round of the Victorian State Championships.
  • RSA National Tournaments Result:  Prischa Baliga - Winner Vic Junior State Championships, Runner Up Boroondara Summer Series AMT, Semi Finalist Yarra Valley AMT
  • Liam Kindler - Winner Yarrawonga Junior Championships, Finalist Boroondara Junior Classic, Winner Doubles at Vic Country Champs + Traralgon + Bairnsdale Tournaments
  • Steven Klasan - Winner Waverley Gold Juniors, Winner Pakenham Regional, Finalist Melbourne GIMCC JT, Winner at Doubles Pakenham + Frankston + Warrnambool + Wodonga Tournaments
  • Daniel Bosco - Semi Finalist Mornington JT and Dingley JT, Quarter Finalist Peninsula JT + Hume JT, Doubles Semi Finalist at Mornington + Dingley + Vic Schoolboys + Bendigo
  • Rhys Edwards - Finalist Canberra JT, Quarter Finalist at Frankston + Pakenham + Hume, Doubles Finalist at Hume + North Ringwood and Semis at Waverley + Pakenham + Frankston + Yarrawonga
  • Joseph Mung - Quarter Fi




Our RIA students had a very eventful start to the year! Our Senior Visual Arts students were off and running in early February with a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria to see two of the current exhibitions. The KAWS and Haring/Basquiat exhibitions gave the students a full day of learning and viewing with plenty to think about. Unfortunately, the scheduled visit to KAWS for the Junior class had to be cancelled in the second last week of term, but no doubt they will have some great gallery experiences later in the year.


The Drama students have also had plenty going on with a workshop visit from the Bell Shakespeare Company for the Intermediate class, and the Senior class went to see RIA-alumni Meg Dunn’s production of DNA by Dennis Kelly at Chapel Off Chapel. Not only was this a brilliant, topical and thought-provoking piece of theatre, but it was great for the students to see an ex-RIA student now working professionally in their chosen field. Meg founded the theatre company Breath and Bones, and also directed and produced the play herself. All of the RIA Drama classes have begun working on their presentations for our first Showcase which will (hopefully) take place on the 18th & 19th of June.


The Music department has had a particularly exciting start to the year with the unveiling of our brand-new recording studio, which is almost complete. The Intermediate and Senior specialism students have already done some recordings of their CATs and their solo performances and look forward to doing their own engineering later in the year. We’re sure the Junior Music specialism kids are chomping at the bit to have their turn…soon!


It's been an especially exciting start to the year for our Year 7s! We had 52 Year 7s starting at RIA this year and they’ve all hit the ground running.


Year 7 Specialism Spotlight: Media


Year 7 Media specialism have been developing their understanding of audiences and visual storytelling. They have been working on analysing different images and exploring how an image can construct a story. To apply this developing concept, students have explored the DSLR camera, particularly focusing on how aperture, shutter speed and ISO can affect an image. They have then been introduced to the Adobe Suite by using Lightroom to edit. Students will be building on these skills and knowledge when they begin working with video, creating visually interesting interview pieces! 


Year 7 Specialism Spotlight: Dance


The Year 7 Dance Specialism students are also off to a great start! They have been working hard in theoretical classes, having completed their first CAT which was an oral presentation on a dance style of their choice. This was the perfect opportunity for the Year 7 Dance students to showcase some of their performance skills for the first time here at Rowville. Our dancers are working hard to create their group dance works based around the theme of ‘Art in Motion’ which will be performed at RIA Dance Night in Term 2.



Click here to read our RIA Review.


*Please note that the RIA Review was released prior to the cancellation and postponement of events due to COVID-19. Please click here for information on which events have been cancelled or postponed.