150 Celebrations

Commemorative Medallions

As part of the 100 year celebrations in 1973, a medallion was struck, which proved to be popular with the school community.  We know of many examples where community members have kept their medallion in a safe place to this very day.


We decided it would be a good idea to do the same thing again and this week an order of medallions arrived, which you can see modelled in the attached photos by Quin, Elsie, Clancy, Addison and Johnny.

Amazingly, the company that produced the medallions back in 1973 (Stokes and Sons of Melbourne) is still operating and were keen to take on the job of manufacturing the new medallions.


All students and members of the school community will be able to purchase a medallion for $5.  


Medallions for students at our school, or their family members, should be ordered through the Qkr app BEFORE 4:00pm on Friday, 25 August. The medallions will then be distributed to the relevant students to take home in the week leading up to the 150th Anniversary on 01 September. After the Qkr closing date, medallions may be purchased at the school office, while stocks last.  

Time Capsule

As you can see in this photo, the construction of our special time capsule is well under way.  Russel Williams from the Men’s shed is doing a brilliant job and the finished product is going to look amazing.  Russel is coming along to the assembly on September 1 for a ceremonial closing of the time capsule.


Last week Peter Innes (teacher from the 1980s and 90s) was an interview guest and he’s determined to find the time capsule that was buried in the mid-80s.  He had a scratch around yesterday and will be back to continue this work.