Assistant Principal's Report



The school readiness test for on line NAPLAN for 2018 will be held during week 8 of term and will involve all students from Years 7 and 9. The school readiness test is a ‘practice run’ and provides an opportunity for schools to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online assessment platform and to identify any technical or administrative issues they may have.


The school readiness test:

  • Is not an assessment of student ability and it will not be marked.
  • Has been designed to allow schools and students to freely navigate through the online test environment and to explore the format and presentation of questions.
  • Allows schools to develop and put into practice their classroom procedures, which will provide an indication of any changes that need to be made before NAPLAN moves online.
  • Involves all NSW schools who have passed the technical readiness survey.

Once the school readiness testing period is complete, schools can discuss their experiences and provide feedback so NESA can determine a suitable time for the transition to NAPLAN Online.


Why have a school readiness test?

The school readiness test aims to:

  • Assess the resources and ICT capacity of schools including bandwidth, wireless connectivity and suitable devices.
  • See if schools are prepared for NAPLAN Online and to determine if any changes need to be made in order for a successful transition.
  • Allow students and teachers to familiarise themselves with the online system and to experience the new test delivery method.
  • Let NESA support schools and offer advice as they trial and interact with the new online assessment platform.


What the school readiness test covers

The school readiness test activity comprises two tests:

  • An omnibus test comprising numeracy, reading and conventions of language questions.
  • a separate writing test.

Each test takes approximately one hour to complete (40 minutes of testing time) and will also include a short student survey. Student responses will not be marked. 

HSC Student Newsletter

2017 HSC students were emailed a newsletter last week with information, advice and links to resources on practical and performance exams, as well as advice about applying to university. Schools are asked to alert their students to the email. Students who didn't receive it should log into their Students Online account via My Details and check their contact details are correct. 

Five Period Day 2018

After a lengthy consultation period and research the college leadership team together with staff has decided to trial a 5 period day in 2018 rather than our current model which has a 6 period day. Our reasons come from an educational perspective and are outlined below;

  • Reduces the movement and time lost between periods
  • Reduces the need to have double periods when effective teaching time is sometimes lost
  • Only one period after the 2nd break time or what has been traditionally lunch
  • Extend the time for recess and shorten the time for the lunch break
  • Important components of pedagogy can be addressed including learning intentions, success criteria, and an opportunity for assessment 'for and as' learning to be built into each teaching period as well as self-reflection practice. Additionally time can be spent with students monitoring and evaluating their own learning
  • Incorporate more ‘practice by doing’ and the immediate use of learning within lessons
  • Reduce behavioural incidents between periods and after lunch break

We are still in discussion about the proposed times for the day and when we have reached a decision we will provide that information to students and parents.

Trial HSC Examinations

Year 12 HSC Trial examinations will commence on Monday 21st August and will run for 2 weeks during which time students need only attend school for their exams. All students have been provided with the rules for exams and a Timetable. This can also be found on the schools web site.

College Track Pants

The college now has in stock the O’Connor Track pants for school. We ask that all students in Years 7 to 10 have the correct pants which can be purchased from the schools clothing shop. Please contact the school if you have any concerns over this matter.

Stage 5 Information Night

Stage 5 Electives and RoSA (record of student achievement) 

This Year the Leadership team has decided to conduct an information evening for students and parents of Year 8 who will be entering into Stage 5 next year. At this evening an information booklet will be made available which will include elective subject preferences for 2018. The information evening will be held at 6:00pm in the examination centre  Monday August 21st.



Simon Fleming

Assistant Principal/

Curriculum  Coordinator

Dates to Remember

Week 5- A

  • 14 August- National Science Week, HSC  Major Textile Projects (MTP) Due
  • 15 August- CCC Netball Penrith, Assumption (Fatima Statue) All School Mass @ 9.15, 10 Talk to Students.
  • 16 August- Twilight Staff Meeting
  • 17 August- STEP Day
  • 18 August- Pastoral Period

Week 6- B

  • 21 August HSC Trials Commence (2 weeks), Stage 5 Information Night 6pm.
  • 22 August- Dio Directors Visit, AG Quip
  • 23 August- da Vinci Decathlon yr 7/8 TAS, yr 10 MASS
  • 24 August- Yr 11 Young Drivers Tamworth, 12 DT Major Design Projects (MDP's) Locked up
  • 25 August- da Vinci Decathlon yr 9/10 TAS, Trish Starr's Mary McKillop