For our students.... 

This Week's Birthdays



Monday 17th  -  Ariella JPB, Logan JTA, Anaisha MVU,

                                Abbie SLD

Tuesday 18th  -  Tyler MBK

Wednesday 19th  -  Savanna JJO, Poppy JKF, Reo JLC,

                                      Luke MSH, Minh SLD

Today  -  Benjamin PCF

Tomorrow  -  Jake SJC

Saturday 22nd  -  Tate JAW, Jude JJO, Will MFP

Sunday 23rd  -  Oliver PKS, Edie JJO



Congratulations!  We hope you had or will have a wonderful day!   


Releasing the Inner Scientist


Last Friday, our Fri-Yay Funday focus was SCIENCE! Very timely considering this week is Science Week! Our students had a fantastic day and conducted various experiments throughout the day! Thank you to the Science Team for organising the lessons for the students.  Thanks too to parents who happily turned their homes into experimental science labs for the day - great work all round!


This week is National Science Week and the theme for 2020 is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our healthy oceans. This is very timely considering our school’s Inquiry Focus for this term is Sustainability. Last week, our Senior students made pledges to reducing their use of plastic. As we know, plastic pollution is a huge problem in our oceans and reducing our use of single use plastic is just one of the steps we can take to improve the health of our oceans! To watch their pledges, click here: 

Senior School No Plastic Pledge Videos 

For more information about Science week and other Science week events, see the websites below: 

Science Week website

Museum Victoria National Science Week 

Laura Kitching  -  Science Learning Specialist