From our Assistant Principal 

Respectful Relationships

The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified schools as being in a great position to play a critical role in changing  negative attitudes towards girls and women – attitudes that are believed to contribute to violence.  Schools are being asked to teach Respectful Relationships to all students, and promote gender equity in all aspects of their school communities.

​​​The Respectful Relationships  approach recognises that schools are a workplace, a community hub and a place of learning. Everyone involved in our school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally.

Our staff have been doing professional learning this week related to Respectful Relationships approaches. We will then be auditing our curriculum to ensure we are covering the Respectful Relationships Program.  We will then develop our whole school approach.

We know that changes in attitudes and behaviours can be achieved when positive attitudes, behaviours and equality are lived across the school community and when classroom learning is reinforced by what is modelled in our school community.

A whole-school approach encourages schools to review their existing procedures and culture to ensure that they model respectful relationships and gender equality practices across the entire school community.

Cultural and procedural change, means schools and their communities look at staff practices, classroom management, school events, sport programs, school-backed social and other occasions, to ensure all aspects of a school’s operation and culture are underpinned by respect and equality.

A whole-school approach to Respectful Relationships recognises that schools are:

  • a workplace where all staff should feel equally respected, safe and valued and have equal opportunities
  • a safe space where young people can learn about gender equality and respectful relationships, in and out of the classroom
  • part of the wider community that can model gender equality and respectful relationships

Building Family Resilience - a Free Webinar with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

On Tuesday 25 August, the Department of Education and Training is presenting a free webinar for parents and carers by renowned child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, on building family resilience during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Parents and carers play a vital role in helping children feel safe through uncertain times.

Dr Carr-Gregg’s webinar is aptly named Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era.

In this webinar, Dr Carr-Gregg provides tools and strategies for parents and carers to help manage the lockdown and remote learning. Topics include:

  • your supportive role
  • setting the emotional tone
  • focusing on what you can control
  • how to deal with disappointment
  • further resources and where to get help..

Webinar details

  • When: Tuesday 25 August
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Duration: 45-minute presentation followed by 15-minute questions and answers session
  • Format: online via Webex
  • Cost: free

How to register

To register and for more information visit the Managing the Coronacoaster – Tips for building resilient families in the coronavirus era eventbrite page.

Carol Wyatt  -  Assistant Principal