From the School Leadership Team,

Chris Chant - Principal


The better weather, combined with the chance to get out into the sunshine, has made life a little more bearable over the last few days. Please remember all the things we need to keep doing as a community to drive down the number of positive COVID-19 cases and then the sooner we can enjoy the easing of the restrictions.


This week we adjusted the Specialist timetable so our classroom teachers could complete their required Professional Practice days. Our Specialist team will complete their Professional Practice expectations on Monday. As a school, we will continue to make adjustments and changes over the coming weeks to continue to improve the learning experiences for students, families and the staff.


The holidays are fast approaching and I would ask families to plan ahead and creatively use these days as a chance to relax, recharge and unwind. The levels of distress, pressure and anxiety seem to be building and we see this in so many different ways.  Take care of yourself as the adults and then you are in the best place to support your children manage their way through the challenges of lockdown and the remote and flexible learning program. Check in with your friends and make sure you are actively engaging in your network with messages, calls and online chats. R U OK? Is a great way to start a conversation and brighten someone’s day.


The Key Experience Levy refund process continues. We can only electronically refund your levy into a nominated bank account so we need those for the process to continue. Many thanks to the families who have opted to make a donation to the school as part of this process. All donated funds are being allocated to the Technology program that has been providing the additional devices for the remote and flexible learning program.


Prep enrolments for next year continue to grow. The media commentary around families wanting to complete an additional Kinder year has complicated the process. We support and understand family circumstances and ask anyone with concerns to contact us and discuss the plans for next year. We are planning for and expecting the normal numbers of students into our school for 2021. At this point we have enrolled many more Preps than at the same time last year!


Our Prep to Year 2 students are returning to school on Monday October 12th.  (Please note that this date is subject to key criteria being met as determined by the Government.) Planning is well underway for the much awaited return of these classes and for the most part the arrangements will remain the same as for the last return to school experience.

  • Students will enter through nominated gates
  • Classrooms will open at 8.45 am
  • There will be a slightly staggered dismissal time for our Preps (3.20 pm)
  • On site essential workers program will still operate as per the current arrangements

Please read Mrs Walker’s notice (below) regarding ‘Transition back to school’ interviews for the Prep to Year 2 families.


As our planning for the return of our Prep to Year 2 students continues, it is a timely reminder to find their named hats that they will need to wear upon return to school.


On the 19th and 20th of September the Jewish community will celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Many of our families will participate in a period of reflection about their behaviours and actions over the last year. The focus of this celebration is being mindful and making sure that they are always doing their very best. This is the time of the year when we hear the shofar (animal horn), being blown to remind the local community the importance of Rosh Hashanah. Shana Tova.


This week we were asked to meet with our Education Improvement Leader to reflect upon the challenges faced during the current remote and flexible learning program. This important work also allowed the teams to focus on the 2020 Annual Implementation Plan and which elements would continue to be addressed in the coming school year.


Our Caulfield Spoon-ier College population continues to grow! We extend an invitation to families and community members to create a ‘spoony’ person and add them to the ever-increasing number of residents in our front garden. The colourful sight has certainly stopped many of the local community on their daily exercise walks!




Nadia Walker - Assistant Principal


‘Transition back to school’ interviews

As part of our plan to prioritise the Prep, 1 & 2 students’ emotional, social and academic wellbeing as they return to school, we’re hosting ‘Transition back to school’ interviews in the first week of Term 4, from 5th – 8th October.


We encourage every family to book a time slot, via Compass, to have a ‘Zoom’ conversation with your child’s teacher to assist us in making their return to school as successful as possible. Please note, for students in the Binational program, parents will speak with one allocated teacher. The Binome teachers will work together to collaborate and ensure this is smooth and effective.


In this interview, teachers will discuss any emotional or wellbeing concerns and set future learning goals for Term 4.


We see these conversations as vital for both families and staff to support your child when they return on the 12th of October. Bookings will open via Compass on Monday 14th September at 12 pm and close on Friday 18th September at 12 pm.  


We can’t wait to see your child’s smile on the 12th October. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to your child’s schooling during the COVID crisis. 


We will schedule similar conferences for the transition back to school for the students in Years 3 – 6 as soon as we have a date for their return.


Special Specialist Day

Today was our first ‘Special Specialist Day’! The positive energy and the fun that bubbled over from the students in the on-site program was wonderful to see. I watched Mrs Wright run an awesome drawing lesson with the Prep students; I saw Mr Reese getting everyone’s hearts pumping with his ‘Zoom’ PE workouts; Mr Berraud’s French lessons were great; and Ms Neep’s Performing Arts by ‘Zoom’ was also really engaging. I am sure that all the students learning from home had a super, fun Specialist Day as well! Thank you to our Specialist teachers for their efforts in making the day so successful.

Caroline Pommier - French Director


AEFE survey – Enquête AEFE sur l’enseignement à distance à paraitre lundi.


Chers parents et tuteurs.,


Comme vous le savez sûrement, notre école est affiliée au réseau AEFE (Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger) regroupant plus de 500 écoles françaises à travers le monde. Le mois de septembre est synonyme de rentrée pour la plupart des établissements de la zone mais aussi l’occasion idéale pour faire le bilan de l’enseignement à distance. Toutes les écoles du monde ont été touchées par divers confinements et les écoles françaises ont dû repenser leur enseignement en offrant de nouvelles stratégies et plateformes d’apprentissage à leurs élèves. 


L’agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger saisit cette opportunité et souhaite établir un état des lieux de l’enseignement à distance à travers le monde grâce à plusieurs questionnaires. Cette série d’enquêtes est à destination des familles, élèves et enseignants sur l'enseignement à distance durant la période de janvier à juin 2020 (pour notre établissement, nous prendrons en compte la période de mars à septembre).  Les informations récoltées seront analysées et permettront à l’agence ainsi qu’à chaque établissement de faire un point spécifique sur la continuité pédagogique à distance et de dresser un diagnostic collectif du pédagogique et de l’organisationnel. 


L’enquête se déploie autour de 5 axes que sont les outils et matériels, l'organisation du travail et la charge de travail, le suivi des parcours des élèves et l'évaluation, la communication au sein de la communauté éducative, la langue française et la pratique de l’oral.


Dès lundi 14 septembre, via Compass, vous recevrez un lien vers le questionnaire que nous vous demanderons de compléter avant le 22 septembre 2020.


Vos enfants, s’ils sont élèves de CM1, CM2 ou 6e, recevront également un questionnaire à compléter, avec des questions similaires. Ce questionnaire leur sera envoyé par leur enseignant.


Afin de poursuivre cette réflexion avec les familles, nous sommes en train de préparer un autre questionnaire qui aura pour but d’évaluer la satisfaction des familles afin d’adapter au mieux notre offre pédagogique. Cette enquête sera menée au début du 4e trimestre dès que nous élèves seront de retour en présentiel à l’école. Je remercie le sous-comité du programme binational pour leur contribution à cette enquête.


AEFE survey on Remote and Flexible Learning to be released on Monday.


Dear Parents and Carers,


As you are certainly aware, our school is affiliated with the AEFE network (Agency for French Education Abroad), which brings together more than 500 French schools around the world. The month of September is synonymous with the start of the school year for most schools in the zone, but is also a good opportunity to reassess our Remote and Flexible Learning arrangements. Schools around the world have been affected by various degrees of lockdowns and French schools have had to rethink the way they teach, by offering new learning strategies and platforms to their students.


The Agency for French Education Abroad is using this opportunity to assess the status of Remote and Flexible Learning throughout the world with various questionnaires. This series of surveys is intended for families, students and teachers regarding distance education during the period from January to June 2020 (for our school, we will take into account the period from March to September). The information collected will be analysed and will allow the agency and schools to collectively review and assess Remote and Flexible Learning in terms of pedagogy and organisation.


The survey focuses on 5 points: tools and resources, work organisation and workload, monitoring student learning and assessment, communication within the education community, French language written and spoken.


From Monday September 14, you will receive a link via Compass to access the survey, to be completed before September 22, 2020.


Your children (if they are in grade 4, 5 or 6) will also receive a survey to be completed, with similar questions. Their questionnaire will be sent directly to them by their teacher.


To further this review with our school families, we are preparing another questionnaire which will focus on assessing the families’ level of satisfaction, in order to adapt our educational offer. This survey will be conducted at the start of the 4th term, as soon as our students return to school in person. I thank the Binational Program subcommittee for their contribution to this survey.


In order to continue this reflection with families, we are preparing another questionnaire which will aim to assess the satisfaction of families in order to best adapt our educational offer. This survey will be conducted at the start of the 4th term as soon as our students return to school in person. I thank the Binational Program subcommittee for their contribution to this survey.