From the Principal's Desk



It is always a time of mixed emotions as we have to say goodbye to staff near the end of the year. It's sad to see them leave but also exciting as new chapters begin.


At the end of this year, we will say goodbye to Mrs Nathalie Fraser, Mr Wil Marks, Miss Ally Curnow and Mrs Susan Buslon.


Nathalie joined us in 2010 as our Visual Arts teacher and over the past 11 years has developed a multi-media program often inspired by the feature showcases of work at National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Over the years our Year Prep-6 children have produced works inspired by Monet, Van Gogh, along with local artists such as Frederick McCubbin using techniques such as impressionism, cubism, pointillism and the list goes on. If you have been to one of our Bi-Annual Art Exhibitions or visited the Wall of Fame in the office you will be well versed with the wonderful program in which Nathalie has immersed our children. Nathalie will become a 'lady of leisure' next year as she heads off into retirement. 


Mr Wil Marks has been with us for the past three years teaching in the Year 5/6 and Year 3/4 communities. His expertise in ICT has certainly proved valuable considering the events of the past two years.  This expertise led to Wil being appointed as our e-Learning Leader this year and he has been of great assistance to staff and children.


Miss Ally Curnow, who has been one of our Learning Support Officers (LSO), will leave us to commence her teaching career at St Francis of Assis in Tarneit next year. Ally has worked mainly in the junior area and we hope the experiences gained give her a great head start in teaching.


Mrs Susan Buslon, another of our wonderful LSOs will also depart at the end of the year. Susan has provided wonderful assistance to students in the middle and senior years throughout the year. Both Susan and Ally were instrumental in the running of our On-site Learning/Supervision Program during the periods of lockdown and were of valuable support to the children.


We thank Nathalie, Wil, Ally and Susan for the commitment and dedication to their roles and for their support and love for the children in their care. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Staffing and Structure 2022

Next year we  welcome Mr Rhys O'Loughlin and Miss Khanh Ly as teaching staff to our school. Rhys comes to us with a wealth of experience teaching locally and abroad and a lot of you would remember Khanh who has worked with us in various relief positions this year.  We are excited to have both on staff and I'm sure you will welcome them warmly to our community. We also welcome back Mrs Danielle Camerota from maternity leave. They will all be visiting us over the next few weeks to plan with teams and meet children as part of our induction processes.


So... along with a few internal changes we have arrived at a structure that will allow us to provide the high standard of Catholic Education that we have become renowned for. Hence our teaching structure for the 2022 school year will commence as follows:


Year Prep Community

  • Prep L: Miss Lauren Borg  (4 days) & Mrs Danielle Camerota (1 day)
  • Prep N: Mrs Nives Childs (3 days ) Danielle Camerota (2 days)

Year 1/2 Community

  • Year 1/2 B:   Miss Chantel Borg
  • Year 1/2 C:   Miss Chrissie Marakis
  • Year 1/2 K:   Miss Khanh Ly

Year 3/4 Community

  • Year 3/4 S:  Miss Sarah Bruce
  • Year 3/4 R: Mr Rhys O'Loughlin
  • Year 3/4 K:  Ms Katrina Scolaro (4 days and Signora Catrina Anderson 1 day)

Year 5/6 Community

  • Year 5/6 S:  Miss Stefanie Poropat
  • Year 5/6 A: Miss Anastasia Dullard

Italian: Signora Catrina Anderson

Visual Arts: Miss Brianna Reaney    

Library/Reading Recovery: Miss Jane Wilkinson

Number & Reading Intervention: Mrs Tina Cuni

Learning Support Officer: Miss Letitia Hyde



2022 Planning Days

With the end of the year fast approaching teaching teams will be given time to plan extensively for 2021. On these days children will receive double specialist sessions to facilitate the planning.  To make it easy for all we have been able to schedule everything so that the children will still wear their sports uniform on their regular days.

Year Prep 2022 Transition 

This Friday afternoon we will be hosting the second session of our Year Prep 2022 Transition Program.  While this involves a bit of in-house juggling, These sessions build the platform for a successful transition from kindergarten to school. 

  • Session 2: Friday 19th November 2:00pm - 3:15pm
  • Session 3: Wednesday 1st December 2:00pm -3:15pm

Full details have been communicated to families.


With the unfortunate last-minute cancellation of our scheduled First Communion over the weekend we have once again revised our Sacrament Schedule: 

First Communion-

  • Year 3  & Year 4 Students:  Wednesday 1st December @ 5:00pm

First Reconciliation:

  • Year 2 Tuesday 23rd November @ 6:30pm

Diary Dates

As  Victoria heads towards the 90% Double Vaccination benchmark, restrictions will ease which will allow us to  'open up' further. So please keep an eye on the school calendar (which can be found at for event additions.


Have a wonderful week 

God Bless

Anthony Hyde