Your OGEA bargaining team has been meeting regularly with management to discuss distance learning and when/if we return to in-person learning this school year.  Per our recent survey results, a large majority of OGEA members were not comfortable returning to in-person instruction at this point in time.  Per the superintendent’s announcement at a school board meeting, the OGSD survey of district parents showed that over 60% of middle school and over 60% of elementary parents were not comfortable in returning at this time.  With this information in mind, OGEA was able to secure agreement from management that we would not be returning to in-person instruction during the first semester.

Santa Clara County has now moved into the orange tier for Covid-19 (moderate risk).  This means that schools are cleared by the state to open for in-person, but that local school districts and their elected boards have the right to make this decision.  As of right now, the majority of districts in our area remain on distance learning.  However, management has begun looking at what it will be like when we do return to the classrooms.  OGEA will continue to bargain in good faith over this issue.  We will continue to urge for strict safety measures and caution.  We can not ignore the fact that the rest of the country is surging with Covid-19 cases.

As of right now, no date of return to in-person instruction has been scheduled although it has been discussed.  We will continue to follow CTA’s guidelines and input from you, as OGEA members, when looking at these decisions.  There will be more surveys and opportunities for input in the near future.  Stay engaged and stay informed.  We will get through this together.