Year 8 History students have been learning about a very exciting aspect of History namely the Renaissance. Year 8 History is a super exciting course and while 2020 will no doubt be spoken about in History books for years to come, it does fall behind the joys of the Year 8 History course. We start with the Mongols, have a look at Medieval Europe, dissect Crime and Punishment and then finish with learning about the Renaissance. 


No wonder we are all exhausted by the end of Semester!


The last few weeks have seen History students working feverishly on their Renaissance Discovery Projects. Working in groups they research an aspect of the Renaissance, present to the class and make a learning product or model to help facilitate the learning of their topic to the class. Some of the presentations have been amazing and the standard of the learning models have been once again awesome. 


Every year we marvel at what the kids produce. With clear instructions to try to avoid technology to make something, we are constantly amazed by the models created. It merely reinforces to educators how creative our students are. 


Check these pictures out.


The Year 8 History Team 



Over the course of the semester, we learnt about many exciting things in history class. Every history class was interesting and there was never a dull moment (mostly!).  


My teacher made sure we always understood the topic we were focusing on and that the activities were fun and entertaining. We learnt about two major topics - Ancient China and Ancient Egypt. For our ancient China unit, we learned about Chinese inventions, the story and history of the famous Mulan, ancient Chinese emperors, and many other things. For our unit on ancient Egypt, we learned about pharaohs, gods and goddesses and hieroglyphics. 


We also had to make a podcast for one of our Learning Tasks - everyone was assigned a different area to talk about (e.g. dance and music or mummification) and we had to present our research of how these things were done in ancient Egypt in an entertaining way. 


Overall, History was amazing. We learnt so many interesting things and it really broadened our thinking. After all, I can’t believe at the beginning of the year I thought Egypt was only a collection of pyramids!  We all have come so far and learned so much.


Shoutout to the best class 7B and one of the best history teachers, Mr Long.


Kerry Lyons

Year 7 Student