I usually bring SunSmart behaviour to your attention around this time of the year.


Our McKinnon families are no different than others and in a regular year they participate in sporting events as players or spectators. We also attend outdoor activities throughout the year. Some of us may go to the snow over winter, or to Queensland, Bali, Thailand and even Europe during our breaks. This exposes us, even if unknowingly to the sun’s rays and we become accustomed to its gentle warmth.


Part of our faces has been covered for many days without any sun upon it. This year, it may be more important than previously due to the amount of time we had to spend indoors.


Therefore this is a timely reminder for our students to be SunSmart. 


We are frequently told by the Cancer Council of Australia that the sun’s harmful rays can have a damaging effect on not only our skin but on our overall health. Significant UV exposure occurs during childhood and adolescence due to the comparative sensitivity of the skin. Protection from overexposure can reduce their risk of developing skin and eye damage and skin cancer later in life.   


During our last week of school, we do have adequate shade available for our students at school in our passive areas, but many choose to walk around or play sport during lunchtime and recess. 


For best protection during the daily sun protection times (when the UV level is 3 or higher) use all five SunSmart steps below:

  • SLIP on clothing
  • SLOP on SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen
  • SLAP on a hat
  • SEEK shade
  • SLIDE on sunglasses.

The Cancer Council Australia has a SunSmart app is a great way to check the UV Index when you are out and about. iPhone users can download it at the iTunes App Store and 

Android users at the Google Play store.


Enjoy the sunny days and have a great, safe and happy holiday season.


Best wishes to all.


Susan Wilken 

Health Learning Area Manager