The English team wish all McKinnon families a happy and safe holiday period. Enjoy the opportunity to relax with a good book. A reminder to senior students that it is an expectation you use the Summer holidays to read your English texts before the 2021 school year commences. 


We will not be reading all of these in class and it is often difficult to find the time to catch up on this reading once the school year has begun. Students in Years 7-9 may like to take a similar approach with their holiday reading.


Thank you to all students for their work in English this year.  Obviously it has been a year of challenges but one in which our teachers and students have demonstrated incredible resilience and ultimately achieved some terrific learning outcomes.


Happy reading.


Sam Florence

English Manager


Year 9 Journalism students have recently been studying sources of news. Given the year we’ve experienced, this infographic from Oliver Richards on how to spot ‘fake news’ is a particularly relevant way to conclude the year.



In Year 9 Literature we explored Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We analysed the literary and theatrical techniques of the play and studied Shakespeare’s portrayal of murder, suspicion, revenge and madness. Our experience with creating this graphic reinterpretation of Act 1, scene 5 was both enjoyable and a little difficult since we needed to work collaboratively on interpretation, design, and explanation. We wanted to target a specific audience which was teenagers/young adults and the idea of creating it in the form of the popular video game ‘Among Us’ came to mind because it suited the themes perfectly! 


All in all, we enjoyed creating this piece and working together to make the best and most entertaining reinterpretation we could.


Words (above) and graphics by: Tali Liner, Joy Youssef, Sienna Bessaron, Olivia Colletta, and Aimee Plaksin.

 Subject teacher: Dr Natalie Day