This will be our final newsletter and my final Principal’s message for 2020.


I cannot believe we got to the end of this year – at times I felt this time would never come.


Despite the adversity as a community we truly have shone!


Thank you to the staff who truly have gone above and beyond the call of duty this year to overcome the many and varied obstacles and yet deliver meaningful lessons that engaged children and helped them to make academic and social progress.


I applaud everyone’s collective efforts. To parents, your support especially this year has been much appreciated. I thank you for always reaching out and showing such gratitude.


To the students – you showed resilience, determination and perseverance. These qualities will serve you well going forward – especially to the Class of 2020.


Be well and keep safe.


Thank you to the Senior School Student Manager’s and VCE teachers for a terrific Orientation program.


The buzz around the Senior Centre was truly palpable. All students attended and were visibly excited to be commencing their new classes.


I thank Ms Felmingham and the Senior School Student Managers for organising a terrific program. Students will enjoy some focussed work over the break to prepare adequately for 2021.


What a tremendous opportunity to host a visit at school for these “new recruits”.


I was very pleased to host the visit on site. I congratulate and applaud Mr Quinn and the Year 7 leadership team for their tremendous efforts. The program was so successful we will now change what we do each year.


I thank the form teachers who really worked very hard to help the students not be overwhelmed.  A wonderful success.


Our 2021 Peer Support Leaders have been selected from a large number of possible candidates. Year 10 students immersed themselves wholeheartedly into the Peer Support training program. I congratulate those selected and wish them well with the very important role they play in assisting our new students’ transition into our school.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Fiona Wallis for coordinating this critically important program.


The following are our Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for 2021:

Abigail Humphreys

Aidan Abidi

Alanah Harcourt

Alexandra El-Osta

Alice Connolly

Alice Kernich

Alicia Salisbury

Amelie Taylor

Andrew Meek

Andrew Thompson

Archie Redman

Arjun Jivanjee

Ashleigh Hart

Benjamin Mizrahi

Benji Dyskin

Bianca Pecer

Billy Barton

Bonita Buttie

Burt Daniels-Naim

Carmela Kotliarski

Charlotte McLaverty

Cooper Li

Corey Johnson

Daniel Finnigan

Daniel Pardo

Daniel Wiraatmadja

Derrick Yu

Ebony Lo Casto

Eden Rembach

Emilia Mason

Emily Andjelic

Ethan Sporton

Ethan Tran

Finlay Brown

Gabriella Chizik

Gemma Milner

Georgia Foran

Gregory Liarakos

Harry Mills

Holly Langley

Holly Spencer

Isabel Asmaryan

Isabelle Sheldrake-Brown

Jack Scherer

Jonah Rudzki

Jordan Berger

Jordan Galgut

Katelyn Chan

Ken Do

Kobe Francis

Laura Wharton

Liana Kelemen

Louisa D'Ambra

Lucy Anderson

Massimo Fear

Matthew Day

Matthew Lusted

Max Burnett

Max Temple

Maya Ben-Harim

Mia Duong

Monique Andjelic

Ori Avriel

Oscar Lai

Otto Cox-Martino

Phu An Ta

Rebecca Mathew

Rebecca Milner

Ron Shamrak

Roni Stolyarov

Rose McCallum

Ruby Cormick

Ruby Doan Vo

Ruby Weir

Ryan Borowitz

Sai Waller

Saiyam Gupta

Saksham Singh

Samuel Kay

Shani Rose

Sidney Centra

Skyla Ruthven

Sophia Diegelmann

Sophie Willis

Steph Georgantas

Talia Glocer

Talia Zamir

Taya Minin

Taylor Patten-Welch

Thomas Howells

William Kay

Yasmin Higham

Zoe Davis

I would also like to thank and knowledge the following staff members who assisted with the Peer Support training:  Natalie Day, Tiffany Zikou, Rhiannon Parker, Emma Griffingham, Sarah Ridout, Katherine Johnstone, Nick Foot, Dave Strehlau, Greg Hoskin, Will Voorham, Matt Shaw, Steph Georgiou, Sarah Bowes, Chloe Krommydas, Lucy Angell, Krishna Fleming, Shane Papatolicas, Jack Gromer, Jess Dixon, Connor McMahon, Therese Sweeney, Fiona Tingate, Erin Rollason, Sandy Hope, Rachael Walker, Madeline Oh, Michael Lee, Alice Breidahl and Natalie Little.


Congratulations to you all!  I know you will be marvellous Peer Support leaders for 2021!


The Premier’s VCE Awards recognise the outstanding results of individual students and pays tribute to the Principals, Teachers and families who play a valuable role in supporting these students during their VCE studies.


The Premier’s VCE Awards presentation ceremony was scheduled to take place this year on 29 April. Unfortunately, the ceremony could not proceed due to public-gathering restrictions enacted by the government to protect community health and safety during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.


As restrictions are currently still in force in Victoria, and in consideration of the number of guests that attend the Premier’s VCE Awards, the decision has been reluctantly made to cancel this year’s presentation ceremony.


While the cancellation of this ceremony is indeed disappointing, I am pleased inform you that all commemorative Premier’s VCE Award certificates will be sent directly to the students.


As part of celebrating students’ achievements, you may also wish to look at the personalised video message to all award recipients recorded by the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews MP, and the Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, James Merlino MP, which can be found at


As the academic year comes to an end can I take the opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful festive season.


May your family time together be filled with much love, laughter and joy.


Thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement throughout the year.


On behalf of all of us, rest, regroup and we look forward to everyone’s safe return in 2021.