In these challenging times working together has been paramount. Developing the core math skills and soft skills of communication, perspective taking, social and task regulation are valuable abilities to develop. Students in Year 9 were provided a collaborative task to develop these and escape……



Student feedback:


The Time Machine activity was a really fun and inventive way to do maths and work as a team. It really encouraged you to complete the tasks as fast as you could with your group. It was also good to do something that we normally don't do in class instead of textbook questions.

Ashley Blutman

Year 9 Student


During our math lesson, we were put into randomly assigned groups and were challenged to complete the time machine task; a six part activity filled with various puzzles and questions. 


These puzzles ranged from being worded questions and riddles, to numerical problems and diagrams, which we worked together to complete as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we applied teamwork skills and knowledge from our preceding area of study, geometry. The final goal after accurately completing these puzzles, was to use the pentagonal pieces of paper they were printed on, to construct the time machine. Unfortunately not an actual time machine, but a dodecahedron; a 3D shape with 12 faces, 30 edges, and 12 vertices. Overall, the time machine task was a fun way to conclude our geometry unit, as well as bring forth a hands-on activity to the maths classroom.

Kathryn Tea

Year 9 Student


We were tasked with an activity called ‘Escape: The Time Machine’ in which we were put in teams to complete certain tasks regarding Geometry. It was a very collaborative and competitive activity as we were trying to race others in completing the activities first. I personally really enjoyed the event even though our team came second. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and was a nice little break from regular work

Luc Georges

Year 9 Student


It was fantastic to see students actively participating, managing the assigned tasks and regulating their learning to achieve a common goal. They were able to make multiple connections, understand angles among lines, 2D shapes and then formulate a dodecahedron time machine, Mr Manolas’ favourite 3D geometric shape! A great effort by all to remain engaged in their learning as we near the end of 2020.


Year 9 Math Team