Wellbeing Report

Wellbeing Report

Hello Students, Families, and Carers,


Welcome to term 2, which certainly looks different on many levels. I hear students are engaging well with their online learning, which is fantastic.

As Leader of the Wellbeing Team, I have been working from home supporting students and their families/carers during these challenging times. I am especially pleased when I hear of families spending extra time together as a unit and parents/carers helping their children with their online classes. Students have been cooking at home on a larger scale, which is fantastic.

We need to be mindful to be kind to each other, as we are all in this together. We are all experiencing restrictions on personal hardships on a variety of levels.


If families are struggling with food or need extra support for their teenagers, please reach out to us. I have been in contact with the Breakfast Club group who can offer food assistance to families.


The Wellbeing Team hold regular meetings and discussions via phone and computer platforms such as Microsoft Teams. We are all working from home and continue to be available to support student wellbeing. If you need to make contact with us, please feel free to send me an email at

Perkins.donna.a@edumail.vic.gov.au and either Kate Shields, Larnie Sobbot, Karen Thurgood, or I  will make contact with you. Alternatively, you can contact the college on 51279200 to pass any messages on.


Good mental health and wellbeing allows you to live your life in a positive and meaningful way and cope with life’s changes and challenges. Encourage the children to go outside, get fresh air and walk where possible.


It can feel stressful and overwhelming during an event like the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we can all be affected differently. You might feel overwhelmed by the information, conversations, and the increased levels of stress in your community. It can be hard to know what information to trust, especially in a situation where things are changing so quickly. It can be helpful to keep up-to-date but it’s also okay to switch off from the 24 hour media cycle if this is getting too much.


During this time some things in your life may be affected by attempts to contain the spread of the virus. You may have been looking forward to a gig or a trip that’s been cancelled. You may be affected by school, uni or your workplace temporarily closing, or you may have a loved one who is directly affected by the virus.

It’s important to find the right level or type of support for you, and keep in mind that the type of support you may need can change as time passes. For many people staying connected to family and friends/loved ones is important.


Take Care,

Donna Perkins

Wellbeing Co-odinator