College Updates

Change of General Office Hours


Student Free Day

A student-free day had been scheduled for early Term 2 prior to Covid19. However, as we were in the infancy of online learning,  it was decided that the timing was not appropriate.


The decision was made to schedule a student-free day on Friday, May 8. Of course, students are already away from school, but we believe this day will provide our students with the opportunity to escape the online space for a day, relax and refresh as we look towards the second half of the term.


Importantly, it will provide our teachers and support staff, who have been working in complex circumstances, the opportunity to work with their teams (online) and prepare the next series of lessons and tasks for students to engage in.


Whilst we encourage students to use this opportunity for a break, all learning material will remain online should students wish to catch up on earlier tasks. Video lessons and email responses, however, will not occur on this day. We will utilise this time for staff to work together to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality lessons for our students in the following weeks.


Lowanna Staff Blood Donations


On April 20, four wonderful Lowanna College staff: Bianca Treverton, Taneon Jones, Judy Stewart, and Helen Haughton attended the Blood Bankto donate blood.

Bianca and Taneon were first-time donors who looked so comfortable donating that they could have been doing it for years!

The Lowanna Team donations are open to staff and students who are over 18 years of age at the time of donation. If you are interested in donating, please contact Mrs Stewart via email:

Food Studies

Even though students can't cook in the school kitchens, the interest to participate in cooking at home has been well received.

Below are some images of students' work in the previous three weeks!

A Year 10 Food Studies student made the macaroons, Allirah from 7F made apple crumble for her whole family, and Mrs. Logan got creative in the kitchen whilst filming for our staff facebook video!



Last week year 7 English students were asked to read a short story and visualise the plot, setting, characters, etc and illustrate what they had visualised. Below is the amazing work of Justine Parish from 7D. Great work Justine!


Library Borrowing


Beleza Moe- Change in store hours


2021 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2021 will be opening soon. Please keep your eyes on our Lowanna College facebook page for more information.

A message from our School Nurse- Kaz

Below are 7 tips to help if you are experiencing stress and anxiety.

(If you are unable to read the image please see the attached document.)