Term 2, Week 6

Knock Out Girls Soccer

On Monday the 31st of May some of the year 6/7’s girls participated in knockout soccer. We played 2 games in total, in our first game we drew 2-2 against Allenby Gardens but ended up losing on penalties and in our second game we won 6-0 against Westbourne Park. The games went for 50 minutes each with 25 minute halves and 5 minutes breaks. 


All of the girls did an outstanding job participating and putting in their full efforts, however unfortunately we did not make it to the next round. In the first game Yana scored both goals and Amalia scored 1 penalty. Meanwhile in the second game Yana once again scored 2, Amalia scored 2, Angela scored 1 and Isla Mitchell also scored 1. 


Elena - Overall I really enjoyed participating in Knockout Soccer for 2021, it was a good experience for everyone and I hope to continue playing soccer and taking on many other sports opportunities and challenges throughout this year. 


Angela - Monday was a fun day getting outside and being active. I loved playing soccer with my teammates and trying our best. At the end of the day I was proud of what we had accomplished which included the first game at Lockleys North that drew to Allenby Gardens, our 6-0 win against Westbourne Park and me scoring a goal in the second game. The whole team did great and I hope more soccer activities are put into consideration into the future. -Thank you


Yana - On Monday at Knockout Soccer I had such an enjoyable time. It was great playing at the school with my teammates and having peers and teachers cheering us on at the sidelines. I am very proud of how well we went throughout both games and I know that we all tried our best. Everyone did amazing and I am really happy with our result of a 6-0 win. I hope to participate in other soccer activities throughout the year. 


Isla- This was one of the best days ever. We had an amazing day and I loved how the teachers encouraged us to join. We had a great day and we played our best. We made sure we had a great time and most of all had some fun. It was fun to get to play a sport that might be new to some people. We lost our first game which was sad but we played and tried our best. We WON! The second game 6-0 and we all tried our best to succeed. 


Taylor -  On Monday we had Knockout Soccer. It was really fun to play with new people. Even though we did not win the first game as it was a penalty goal the game was fun as we had a lot of challenges. The second game was difficult for me to get the ball but however, we still got 6-0 which I think is really good. We did get knocked out but we had a great time playing as a team.


Lila - Monday was a great day as we were close to winning against Allenby Gardens and had a great win against Westbourne Park. We had a fun day as we all worked together which made it even better. We unfortunately got knocked out but it was still a fun experience.


By Elena and Elena

Knock Out Boys Football

On Tuesday the 6/7 LNPS Knockout football team played in a carnival at LNPS. On the day we played two games, one against Allenby Gardens and Fulham North. The first game was at 10:00 against Allenby Gardens. 


When we started against Allenby Gardens, we had an outstanding first quarter. Our midfields were always able to get the clearances and our forwards were able to get the ball and kick the goals. The first game ended up to be a thumping win for LNPS with the scores being 182 to 1. We were through to the next game. The next game though, was going to be tough. We were up against Fulham North who had always dominated LNPS by 100+ points. A former student, Jye Cockrum, was our coach and wanted us to beat Fulham North. Our team captain Jack Terry would push us and encourage us to try and break the drought against Fulham North.


Against Fulham North our Ruckman, Emmanuel Zaikis was able to get the ball and get it on the boot. We ended up kicking the first goal. After the first quarter we were up. We knew that they had the chance to beat Fulham North. The second quarter was good but not good enough. We were only up by a goal or two. The captain and the coach were pushing us and making sure that we gave it our all. In the fourth quarter the scores were very tight. We were only up by a goal. Then out of nowhere, Fulham North got the ball and scored. The scores were level and the game siren went.


We had to play two more 5 minute quarters of extra time. In the first quarter We got it out of the middle and into the forward line. It ended with a goal. The quarter finished. We were up by 6 points with one more quarter. In the final quarter we got it out the middle again but only we scored a point. 


There were 2 minutes left and we were up by seven. We kicked it out of the backline and moved the ball to the forward line. The ball was  kicked into the forward line and our captain Jack Terry took the mark. He then  went back and kicked the sealer. Lockleys North have WON! Finally we have beaten Fulham North. 

We have now moved into the next knockout round and we are waiting to hear who our opponent will be. 


We would like to thank Jye Cockrum for being an outstanding coach and all the students and teachers who came out to support the team. We would also like to thank the parents who volunteered to help with the goal umpiring and coming out to see us play!



By Jasper and Murray