Junior School

Years 7 & 8

Guess the eggs in the jar

A big congratulations to Isabelle Naidoo from 7 Red for winning the How Many Eggs in the Jar? Competition run by 9 Bryce for Project Compassion. Isabelle came very close with a guess of 302 eggs in the jar, with the final tally coming in at a staggering 299!!


Thank you to all those who put their math skills to the test trying to count all the eggs last term!


Priya Senserrick, Grace Tull, Isabelle Naidoo and Ava De Fazio
Priya Senserrick, Grace Tull, Isabelle Naidoo and Ava De Fazio


Year 7 Easter raffle winners

Montana Lattouf

Amy Ravida

Mary Seviotis

Jessica Synaphet

Anne Chowne

Isabella Petruccelli

Riley Axalan

Sophia Deodata

Megan Dermody

Darin McCarthy

Eva Trubiana

Fernando Silvestro

Melissa Jurcic

Ms Hannah Hale Religious Education Learning Leader

Year 8 Religion

Stations of the Cross

During Term 1, students in Year 8 religion classes were asked to create an artwork which represented one of the Stations of the Cross. This task produced some exceptional artworks, with strong connections to how we can honour Jesus' sacrifice today. Below is a small glimpse into the fantastic work. Well done Year 8!


“The red scribbles symbolize doubt and the unbelievers. Those outlined in yellow are the believers who maintained faith in Jesus after he was condemned to the cross. The newspaper in the corners resembles the message of spreading the word of kindness to others, as Jesus did.”
Truc Tran  8 Blue









“The people in the back are not coloured in because sometimes during a rough period you forget that there are people who could help/support you, but they are always there when you need them.”
Rose Hoang 8 Blue









“I’ve created my piece using mosaic because it symbolizes the different opportunities life can give you” 
Tahliyah Le  8 Blue


“ In the foreground there are passerbys mocking Jesus. This gives the viewer the idea of what the people thought of Jesus at that time.”
Justine Chong – 8 Blue