Auslan Extra! 


Howdy Families, Carers and the Armstrong Creek community, 


You will find in this YouTube clip we have a special edition video related to Halloween week. We have Kingston from Year 6 who translated a book “Monster” written by Kerrie Taylor and with her permission we were allowed to share this. 


Check it out! Again, compare to last edition you will see the difference between Auslan and English grammar. In case you haven’t noticed like all signed and spoken languages, Auslan has it own grammatical rules that usually starts with the subject and ends with the verb. English on the other hand follows the Subject-Verb-Object structure. 


Auslan also relies on a combination of hand shapes, orientation (direction of your palm and hand in relation to your body), movements, and facial expression to deliver messages. Facial expressions are an important part of the Auslan language, as they convey feelings, and emphasis. 


About depicting signs – to depict means to describe, illustrate, or show. Some of the signs shown in this video are Depicting Signs, to accurately describe the Monster’s distinct features! 


In Auslan, Depicting Signs are created by the signer to represent the location and movement of entities such as people, animals and objects, as well depict how something is handled, or the size, shape and characteristics of said entities. 


Depicting Signs has three categories:

Entity, Size and Shape Specifiers (SASS), and Handling. 


Enjoy, and happy learning. 

Andrew Welshe