Positive Climate for Learning

Year 4 Learning Community

General Studies

Our General Studies topic for this term is Geography. As part of this focus, students will be engaged in exploring Australia’s nearest neighbours, and will gain a better understanding of the diversity, significance and interconnectedness of places and environments in Australia and beyond. Students have made their own passports and have so far ‘travelled’ to New Zealand, Indonesia and China. 

Year 4 Community Assemblies

Our Semester two student representatives, Tyler and Ryleigh, have led two community assemblies already this Term. Our community assemblies provide a wonderful platform for student achievements to be recognised and celebrated. Some of the awards include our Value Awards and the Specialist Trophy. At our last community assembly Nicole’s homegroup was the recipient of the Specialist Award. Well done! 

Other News in Year 4….

Congratulations to Amira for representing Victoria in gymnastics in the Special Olympics in Launceston, Tasmania. 


In other news Harrison has just finished performing in a theatre production of ‘Gypsy’ with Theatre of the Dammed to rave reviews! Congratulations on this amazing effort Harrison! 


All of your teachers and Year 4 friends are so proud of you!


Basketball District Sports Day

On the 13th of October, we had our Division Basketball Lighting Premiership Day.


Coaching us was Cooper’s mum Jessica and our awesome teacher Steve. On the team we had Sam, Noah, Cooper, Harrison, Toby, Isaac, Kingston, Esmail. Leo was a part of our team but unfortunately wasn’t there on the day. 


We lost our first game, and our second game we didn’t play because the other team didn’t show up, so we won by forfeit. In our final game we were losing and then we came back with a win. 


Then, unfortunately the roof started leaking and the rest of our games got cancelled. We had a really fun day and would like to thank Zoe and Rhiarn for setting up the day and letting us borrow the gym at school for training.


Personal Highlights:

ESMAIL: "At lighting prem on my first game, I got a block on this guy on the other team and did the Mutombo wave on him as my celebration. In the second game, we didn’t play because the other team forfeited, and I was practicing my sky hooks on Noah, Harrison, Isaac, Toby and Kingston."


SAM: "In the last game my shooting percentage was on point, from midrange to layups I ended the game with 14 points and I did the shoulder shrug on my last midrange shot, we ended up winning the game."


COOPER: "The chase down block on the kid in our first game. Playing against someone I know from rep and seeing people I know from rep."


TOBY: "I thought that I did good passing and got some nice assists. I really like how my team played and overall it was great."


ISAAC: "I destroyed Steve in a 1v1. I really liked how we had no school and the teamwork that we showed."


NOAH: "I had 9 points, one block, five rebounds and made a free throw. I played very well in the third game and not bad in the first game. We got Maccas at the end which was fun, sadly the tournament got cancelled."


HARRISON: "All the teamwork we had in our second game by guarding our players and getting the victory."


KINGSTON: "On the day I got a couple of points and a lot of assists. We had a really good day and had lots of fun. Once again, thank you to everyone who helped, and good job by the boys."