Junior School Council

This year the Junior School Council have chosen to participate in a Reverse Advent Calendar. We are running this project from November 22nd until December 16th.Each student will receive a token with the name of an item they are asked to donate. This includes household items such as toiletries or non-perishable food products like canned foods, pasta, sauces or spreads. 


What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?


Unlike a regular Advent Calendar where the focus is on receiving a treat every day the Reverse Advent Calendar takes the focus off receiving and places the focus on giving to others.


A Reverse Advent Calendar begins as an empty box. For 20 days in the lead up to Christmas you place one item (non-perishable food, toiletries, Christmas treat) into the box. After 20 days your filled Reverse Advent Calendar is dropped off to a designated location where it is distributed by food relief agencies to people in your immediate community who are experiencing food insecurity.


We hope to see students in each class participate in this year's Reverse Advent Calendar!

We really appreciate the support and donations.