Middle School


In Middle School, our passion is to develop faithfully devoted servants of Christ. On a regular basis, we love to celebrate our VALUE CHAMPIONS; the people who live out our values on a daily basis.

Well done to the following students:


Faithfully Honouring Commitments (Matt. 25:14-30)  – It’s about being faithful in the small things.

  • Ethan Tang, Ethan Yang, Joseph Zhu, and Owen Chen (5S) all demonstrated Faithfully Honouring Commitments in an incredible way, doing their classroom jobs with extreme diligence – the classroom has never been safer or cleaner!
  • Laurens Pees (5F) for doing his job extremely well in the classroom
  • Nicole Ni (6C) for focusing extremely hard on her schoolwork
  • Jensen Waldron (8K) for cleaning the locker bay with extra care


Devoted to Growth (1 Tim. 4:14-15) – It’s about seeking the small improvement one day at a time.

  • Ji Forbes (5S) was Devoted to Growth and kept persevering in Maths, working hard and achieving some great results!
  • Sidra Dharmadasa (6C) for asking for feedback on her work and initiating to improve
  • Tom Bolwell (6C) for contributing and putting in great effort when he is working in a group
  • Aruvi Gopesh (7C) for being diligent with reminding us about posting nominations on the homeroom page! 
  • Rosella Weng (7H) is always trying her hardest in school working hard to achieve her goals.
  • Jai Malhotra (8C) for his commitment to improving his results in Maths


Servant Heart (1 Peter 4:7-11) – It’s about taking action to add value to others.

  • Beatrice Connolly (5S) showed a great Servant Heart by regularly and helpfully working with others in Maths.
  • Louis Sun (5S) showed a Servant Heart by considering others before himself
  • Holly Ghatas (5F) for helping Mr. Ferguson with the name tags
  • Maya Nallathamby (6L) for getting other students books without them asking
  • Chrystom Thalappillil (6L) for helping others with their Maths project in the Library during lunchtime
  • Sarah Lo (6C)  for sending Hannah Y the homework sheet when she forgot to bring it home
  • Ashley Cheng (7H) for helping others with their Maths when they needed it
  • Abby Lim, Irena Tan, Grace Jeon, Ally Lam (8K) for putting up all the chairs at the end of class
  • Jade Appleby and Josh O’Donnell (8C) for including and encouraging others in the class. 
  • Lauren Carline (8C) for volunteering to do a job in the classroom

Keep up the great work!

Mr Lee

Head of Middle School


Hi everyone - Greetings from Brisbane!

A quick email to update you on our travels with "School of Rock". Caleb has just finished a six week season here, and tomorrow we fly to Sydney for a bit of publicity, then finally home again. But only for two weeks, then we'll be off again - this time on the final trip of this tour, to Auckland for five weeks.


Caleb has played around 5-6 shows each week, to very good audiences. It's been a lovely season - a lot easier than China for us to get around and find what we need, and lots of beautiful sunshine! We also included a quick visit back to Melbourne, where Caleb played for the Helpmann awards at the Arts Centre, and the lead actor on School of Rock won the best actor award.


Thinking of you all. Keep us in your prayers! You may see us around briefly in the next two weeks.

Karen 🙂


I am once again so impressed by my amazing Middle School Artists.


Year 6, having completed a stunning collaborative piece, are now working on their Prep Buddy Project. All Year 6s spent time interviewing their Buddy, supporting them as they considered how they have grown to be more like Jesus this year - completing a drawing of a 'Fruit of the Holy Spirit' character. Each Year 6 student will then bring their Buddy's concept to life as a handsewn toy.


Year 7 have completed their ceramic 'Community of Light' houses! These were an integral part of the creative design for our Jesus, Light of the World Event held last week. This term, they are integrating their learning in Humanities by creating a Modroc plaster model of a Roman artifact - greater than life size - aged as though it was found in a recent archeological dig. The aim is for teams of students to collaborate in their research, construction and completion of this project.


Year 8 are working in clay to produce a replica of a shoe! Each student has brought in a shoe that represents their passion - a swim training flipper, a sports shoe, a tiny baby sister's shoe, a comfortable shoe - and are considering how they walk (with confidence, integrity, compassion). This year we have focused on how Jesus is the Light of the World but the rest of our verse this year says, 'those who WALK in him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life'. As Year 8 prepares for transition to Senior School, decides on electives and considers how they are living as Faithfully Devoted Servants of Christ, they are asking very deep and considered questions. Our role is to point them to Christ. I am so proud of the wonderful people they are and are becoming.




Keep Creating!

Marina Heading

Head of Creative Arts.