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A New School Year Has Begun!


Students from Years 1 to 6 started their 2020 school year on Wednesday 29th January whilst on Friday the 31st of January our new preps were welcomed. Another exciting year with a new building furnished and filled with excited Preps. The Food Science room has also been furnished and is ready to be used by the very enthusiastic Year 4s.


Tears were shed by parents as the Preps embarked on the next seven years of their exciting education journey. Even in the short time the Preps have been at this school they have achieved so much, they have explored the school grounds, met their new teachers and made some lifelong friends. So to all of the Prep students and parents, we would like to welcome you to this amazing school and hope your journey here is as wonderful as ours has been.


Another part of the new school year is that the Year 6s have received their new polo shirts and windcheaters. Last year the Year 5s voted for the Year 6 tops they would like to wear in 2020 and now we have these new cool shirts! They are comfortable and look very stylish. Look for us in the yard; we look amazing!

By Max D and Hamish R 6M

School Reporters