Student of the Week Awards 2 - 3/9/2020


Foundation B - Hayden L for the way he respectfully communicates during remote learning.


Foundation L - Aston H for sharing his love of reading with the class by treating us to a lovely story on Seesaw


Foundation M -  Nina M for the amazing attitude she has towards her learning and for the confidence she is gaining in her numeracy skills.


1/2 D   Rhiannon H for sharing a personal example to demonstrate her understanding of the word "selfless". Thank you for being so kind and caring toward your friends.


1/2 E  Serenity C for helping her brother Levi complete his number chart tasks.


1/2 F Athena D for displaying her respect for others by using her impeccable manners so consistently. Well done!


1/2 MU Miria M for the positive attitude and friendly smile she always has when presenting her work online. Well done Miria, keep it up! 


1/2 P  Aaron Val C for respecting other children when he is on a google meet and patiently waiting his turn to talk.


1/2 XR  Elena V for working so hard to complete all her given work tasks on SeeSaw, and respectfully taking on given feedback when it is given.


3/4 C Madison E for respectfully asking and responding to questions in her Google Meets and responding to teacher feedback on her work. Keep it up!


3/4 D Wazir S for the respectful way in which he interacts online with his peers and responds to comments. Thank you Wazir!


3/4 HD  Joel T for respectfully reaching out to his teachers for support during remote learning and persevering through his work tasks. Keep on striving Joel!


3/4 KC  Shahan S for bringing smiles to our faces by sharing his talents, thoughts and ideas during our google meets. 


3/4 NH  Alvin T for being polite and respectful in his communication with teachers and responding to  questions calmly during our google meets


5/6 DM  Branden L for always communicating with his teachers if he is unable to be on a meet and for ALWAYS being a positive and smiling influence in our class. Thanks Branden. 


5/6 H Tiras R for being respectful during remote learning by joining Classroom Meets on time and being prepared for the day ahead. Excellent work.


5/6 P  Lachie N for responding to acting upon feedback given so he can improve the quality of his work.


5/6 S   Tara P for listening and communicating respectfully during our online google meet lessons. Well done Tara ! 


5/6 T Jack W for his consistently polite and thoughtful way he interacts with others in the community.