Students of the Week Awards 1 - 27/8/2020

"Dare to be Different"

Foundation B-  Jemma S for being so respectful online and for always saying thankyou at the end of the work day.  Very polite.


Foundation L- Saina V for using and responding to feedback to improve her work and learn new things.


Foundation M-  Quade A for the confidence he is showing in all areas of his learning. Keep up the awesome work Quade!


Year 1/2 D  Isabella D for using her manners and respectfully replying to her teacher's comments on Seesaw.


Year 1/2 E  Samuel V for the insightful and respectful way he reflects on his learning. 


Year 1/2 F  Adam A for respectfully sharing his opinions about our reading books on Seesaw. Well done!


Year 1/2MU  Ruby H for being a great role model to her peers and always respecting other people’s ideas and opinions. Well done Ruby, keep it up!


Year 1/2 P  Emma L for correctly posting your maths Seesaw activities to your maths teacher.


Year 1/2 XR  Riley R for respectfully working with different teachers to support her learning, and completing all required tasks to an excellent standard.


Year 3/4 C  Thirdy R for the way he politely asks questions during Google Meets and responds to feedback on his work. Good work!


Year 3/4 D  Xavier W for the respectful manner in which he interacts online, being courteous to teachers and his peers on Google Slides. Thank you Xavier for your contributions!


Year 3/4 HD  Leo X for consistently showing respect towards his class mates and approaching his home learning with careful consideration and concentration. Keep striving Leo!


Year 3/4 KC Evie N for being ready to learn each day and consistently contributing independently to our online learning environment.


Year 3/4 NH  Maya P for the calm and polite manner in which she answers and asks questions during our class google meets.


Year 5/6 DM  Emily L-S  for showing a responsible attitude towards her school work through her engagement in class meets and her willingness to accept feedback. Top effort Emily.


Year 5/6 H Tam N for respecting your role as a learner through dedication and focus. Your improvements are obvious and I am proud of your efforts. Well Done Tam.


Year 5/6 P  Lila McC for "accepting feedback on her work and making the necessary changes to improve.

Well done Lila!"


Year 5/6 S  Jeswin G for respecting his peers by engaging in active listening and contributing thoughtfully during our class discussions.


Year 5/6 T  Emilia P for the attentive way in which she listens to her teachers. It is such a delight to hear a cheery, "Thank you!" at the end of a Google Meet. Keep it up!