All Year 12 students will be undertaking practice exams during the second week of the holidays (Monday 25 - Thursday 28 September). These are a vital part of the preparation for the end of year exams. The timetable has been shared with students, and they must attend in full school uniform.  


The College uniform plays a crucial role in building school pride and a strong sense of community. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some students have not been wearing their uniform properly. We are asking for parents/carers to please help us with this issue by checking their child’s uniform regularly.  


Please note the following key reminders:

  • Footwear
    • black leather lace-up school shoes - low heels, no buckles
    • black runners/sneakers are not acceptable
  • School Shirts
    • short sleeve school shirts with the square cut bottom can be left out; all other shirts must be tucked in, including when wearing an outer garment (i.e. jumper or blazer).
  • PE Uniform
    • Year 7 and 8 students can wear PE uniform (including the sport jacket) on days when they have PE/Sport
    • All other year levels can only wear PE uniform on days they have practical PE lessons 
  • General Appearance
    • Hair styles must not be extreme and colours must be natural; long hair should be tied back
    • Jewellery should not be obvious or extreme; ear sleepers/studs must be small and unobtrusive; no hoops earrings or facial piercings
    • Cosmetics and make-up should not be obvious/excessive

All families are reminded that Bob Stewart is our uniform provider - the current uniform list and contact details can be accessed here.

Until Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 7 November) students may wear either winter or summer uniform. From Wednesday 8 November all students must be in full summer uniform.  For both summer and winter uniforms, the blazer is the required outer garment; in warm weather students may choose not to wear the blazer to/from school, however the College jumper must not be worn as the outer garment.


In recent years the College has been using an online service (Sustainable School Shop) to allow parents to buy and sell secondhand textbooks and uniform items. This provides greater flexibility for families; further information will be provided to parents later in Term 4.


Registrations for the tests have now closed.


All students and parents/carers will receive information about the upcoming Entrance tests by Friday 15 September. All tests will be undertaken using the Stile platform and students will need to ensure they have registered for Stile using their school email account.


Tests will take place the week commencing Monday 16 October.


Any questions should be directed to Peter Quinn -