This term Year 7 Food Tech students learnt how to create a variety of delicious dishes and were taught about the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. 


During their practical sessions they focused on how to cook many treats that taught them more about the senses such as Choc Berry Muffins, Pizza, Chicken Laksa, Apple Crumble and our class’s personal favourite being the scrumptious Hedgehog Slice due to the sweet tooth they all share! 


These lessons have inspired their passion for cooking and baking, and it was great for students to realise that their everyday treats can be simple and created within a short period of time, as well as being a much healthier alternative to prepackaged foods. Food Tech has taught students so many practical skills which they now all can’t wait to share with their families. 


Food Tech is definitely the highlight of students’ week, and learning more about the impacts of food on their growing bodies has also been an important part of their studies this term. It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing the kitchen with such enthusiastic young cooks!


Mr Brock Lynch

Year 7 Food Technology teacher