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Sylvia Pastore
Sylvia Pastore


It is great to see that the boys have settled into their classes. The boys have all received a copy of the CBC and PCW SAC Calendar and it is important that they know when their SACs are on. A copy of the SAC calendar is located on PAM. Please note that this may be subject to change but the students will be provided with notice of any change.


Students should have arranged a home study plan to ensure that they keep up to date with their work as when the SACs commence it may feel overwhelming. It is really important that there is an open dialogue with teachers who are always willing to offer extra assistance after school or during lunch times. The staff are all experienced in VCE and ensuring that the students achieve their full potential is of paramount importance.


If your child is absent for a SAC, it is important that the teacher is informed of the absence on the day. Upon return to school, a medical certificate or a statutory declaration is required to be submitted with the Application to Reschedule a SAC. The reschedules are completed on the Thursday at 3.15pm in the library. It is the students' responsibility to obtain the form and have it completed prior to SAC reschedule.

A notice has been sent in regards to special provision. Special Examination Arrangements may be approved to meet the needs of students with disabilities, illnesses or other circumstances that affect their ability to access a VCE external assessment. Unlike in earlier years, special provision can only be approved by VCAA. Applications for Special Examination Arrangements for each student must be made through the VCE Coordinator and all supporting evidence must be submitted by 20 March 2020. If you have any questions regarding special provision, SACs or anything VCE related,  please do not hesitate to contact the VCE Coordinator, Ms Pastore. 


Sylvia Pastore | VCE Coordinator 


Shrove Tuesday

Max van Doorn
Max van Doorn

On the 25 of February the boys in the VCAL class held an extremely successful fundraiser selling pancakes to raise money for Caritas, a Catholic organisation that helps disadvantaged children living in poverty overseas.


Before Pancake Tuesday we had to put together an in-depth plan for purchasing all the resources and work out the cost. We also had to advertise the event to staff and the entire student body. On the day the whole VCAL class came together, rolled the BBQs out, set out the toppings, organised a money register and got to work flipping some pancakes. It was obvious this went down a storm with students from all year groups as the line grew the length of the entire yard within 5 minutes.

Jude Wilson
Jude Wilson


We offered a selection of delicious toppings such as jam, lemon, sugar and maple syrup. The syrup was definitely most popular since we almost ran out towards the end!


The day was a great success as we sold heaps of pancakes making $240 for a good cause. It was a great effort from our VCAL class and we showed we can pull together and work as a brilliant team for a good cause.


Max van Doorn and Jude Wilson | Year 11 Students​​​​​​



Year 10 students are working hard to find their Work Experience Placements by the end of this term, to be ready for Work Experience Week from 22 to 26 June.


As always, we would welcome offers from Parents and Old Collegians for students to work in their business or workplace. If you believe a CBC student would benefit from Work experience at your workplace, whether your own business or your wonderful workplace, please email Mandy Ellwood, the Work Experience Coordinator at


Mandy Ellwood | Careers Counsellor