andrà tutto bene

Virtual Show and Tell

Towards the end of last week we shared an optional task wth our families to get creative and make a visual display in their homes containing the phrase ‘andrà tutto bene’.


In English this means ‘everything will be ok’ and has been used as a message of hope across Italy, with many children displaying rainbow banners, paintings and other messages duering this difficult time.


We have been very impressed by the work that has been shared so far with our school value of creativity very much in evidence. 


The banner image on this page is a display created by Ziya in 5/6L on his fence to entertain his neighbours. 


We also received a video submission from Niko (5/6J) and Dylan (1/2J) which is well worth watching


Below are a few more images of the great work submitted - please enjoy them and remember it isn't too late to get creative and upload your own work to Seesaw or Google Classroom



Levijn 5/6L


Violet 1/2S


Lanna 1/2A


Robbi 5/6MK


Stella 5/6J


Chiriro FJ and Ewan 3/4B


Jude 1/2S


Gala 5/6MK


Natalie 3/4S


Iris 3/4B