Curriculum and policies


Tips for staying safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic


What can Parents/ Carers do?

Staying connected online has never been more important, now that many of us are physically isolated from family members, friends, colleagues and support networks.

The internet is a great way to socialise, learn, work, play and be entertained. But there are also risks. We recognise that staying safe online is something many parents and carers are concerned about and that privacy and protecting young people should be a priority. If you are wanting to find out what you can do to support your child I recommend

that you explore the government eSafety website  which provides up to date material about maintaining online safety. The eSafety parent menu has lots of advice and offers free webinars for parents, an example of some of the topics include:

  • Helping kids thrive online
  • Keeping your sanity & supporting kids online
  • My house, my rules

What are the teachers doing?

All students at SKIPPS will participate in the eSmart Digital Licence education program that teaches about current and changing online risks, as well as how to best manage them.

It is the most comprehensive online education program for children available in Australia and is the best qualification to have for student protection and security. The eight modules of the eSmart Digital Licence will be delivered online as part of the home learning. The topics covered will include:

  • Digital devices
  • Protecting privacy
  • Searching & researching
  • Creating & sharing
  • Social networking & gaming
  • Communication safely online
  • Friends and Strangers
  • Credits, coins and tokens


Aligned with the Australian curriculum, the eSmart Digital Licence is endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and was Highly Commended in the 2015 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA) for Security and Safety.


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