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Comments from ELC students about their zoo excursion.

As always, a great day at the Melbourne Zoo with the new ELC students. Students have been in the country for about eight weeks. Some had never been to the Melbourne Zoo before. Here’s what they had to say. 

Ms Tirabassi.


Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was fun. I saw a lot of animals. I am so excited to see the lion because my favourite animal is a lion. The lion is strong,cool and very big. Lions are most active at night and live in a variety of habitats.         



Yesterday  we went to the zoo so it was so fun and beautiful and had such beautiful animals and it was very good for me because in Laos there isn't a zoo. When I went to the zoo I  liked animals. The monkey's name is baboon.    



Yesterday, everyone went to the zoo.I was so hungry because the zoo was starting too late.It is about 10:40.we started at 9:00.We caught 567 bus.Then, we traveled by train and went to the zoo. At 11:00-12:30 in your group with Ms Tirabassi or Ms Chen -take as many selfies with as many different animals as you can. At first,we went to see the monkey baboon. There was a red butt.


Yesterday I was very tired, but I saw a lot of animals. My favorite animal is a baboon. Because their body hair is very yellow, their butt is very red, and red represents happiness in China, so I like red-butt baboons. And I also like lions because the lion is big and looks good.



It is very tiring and I can‘t walk too long. But the zoo is so nice. There are a lot of animals. The lion is so cool. I knew a lot about the lion.The lion is a species in the family felidae. Life is 10-14 years. They have a rounded head, a reduced neck and round ears.This trip was really nice. Just a little tired. 

Vv Liu


I went to the zoo yesterday and I saw the baboon.I think baboons are very much like humans because they can eat human food and they do some human work. I think they are very interesting. They can play with us. I feel my feet hurt because we have gone too far in leather shoes. I feel this year's zoo is more boring than last year because many animals are sleeping and we don't see many animals. So I think this year's zoo is not perfect.



I like tigers,they are often pacing because it’s strong and cool.I see tigers in zoos without wildness.I hope I can have a good life in the zoo,because tigers are slowly decreasing.and animals are gradually decreasing.At the zoo I saw people can live in harmony with nature and animals. We destroy nature and hope that we can protect it in the future.Because this is where we and the animals live.


Yesterday was a tiring day, but it was a new experience for me about a zoo in Australia,new things, new animals like Platypus,Giant Turtle…I can say that the zoo in here are very very different of the zoo in my country. Some example like it was more cleaner and the way they build and design to make it more interesting for the visitors.



Yesterday, I went to the zoo with Thornbury high school’s ELC. I have been interested in penguins because they are cute. In Vietnam, we don’t have penguins because the weather is usually very hot there. Penguins have a black skin with a white stomach and they live in a cold environment.