House Captains 2020

Congratulations to the Thornbury High School House Captains for 2020.

These students were chosen for their ability to reflect the schools values, ability and leadership. Each student is extremely capable and enthusiastic, and were selected based on their ability to work with each other, and with the other students in the school.

The House Captains are great role models for the younger students at Thornbury as they encourage cooperation and participation in all activities run by the school.

The House Captains for 2020 are:

BLAIR: Olivia Tsakiridis, Victoria Sakelaridis, Raymond Nguyen

ONUS: Andrew Alexiou, Claudia Tsipiras, Kaitlin Pike

SAUNDERS: Madeline Doudney, Rikki-Maree Tsitsivos, Deion Nikolaidis

NICHOLLS: Evan Tsakarelas, Aleysha Malliaras

THS Sport Captain: Harry Ashbrooke

House Swimming Carnival

The House Swimming Carnival was held on Friday February 28 at the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool. Outstanding performances were delivered by all the race winners, including Alicia Ross Smith, Alex Crawford and Amelia Giles, who all won three or more individual races.Onus and Saunders were competing hard for the house points lead the whole way through the Carnival, with Onus prevailing by 8 points. Thank you to the staff, house captains and students for another successful swimming carnival!


Swimming Carnival House Points

1st Place: Onus 122 points

2nd Place: Saunders 114 points

3rd Place: Blair 79 points

4th Place: Nicholls 57 points


Year 8 Baseball & Softball

Congratulations to both the Year 8 Baseball and Year 8 Softball teams that won their respective Darebin Division competitions on Thursday March 12. The Baseball team played against Northcote High, registering a big 30-7 victory. The Softball team played 2 games, against Lalor Secondary and Northcote High. They were both very tight games, winning by 1 home run in each of them.


THS Running Club

The newly created Thornbury High School Running Club is as a great way of keeping active, with options for walking, jogging and running. Join the club to compete for house points and having fun via the Strava app with your peers and teachers.

In order to participate, students will have to download the Strava Running App on their device and join the Thornbury High School Running Club. This is a private club that can only be joined by application and with the approval of the THS club administrator. Students and parents must consent to the following points before joining:

1. The Strava Running App is a public app that have their own terms and conditions and must be read and agreed to outside of Thornbury High School.  Terms and conditions here

2. Thornbury High School will not be held liable for any injury or incident whilst using the Strava Running App.

3. Students must be aware that they are representing Thornbury High School whilst participating in the club and therefore must adhere to all current Thornbury High School policies whilst using the app.

Once parents have consented via Compass, students will individually receive an email via their Thornbury High School email address outlining the process to join the Strava app and the Thornbury High Running Club.

Get involved and join in the fun!