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Steven Herrick a hit with Year 8s

Love is like a gobstopper

10 things you will never hear your teacher say

10 things you will never hear your parents say


Just some of the poems that author Steven Herrick performed for year 8 students when he visited on Monday 2 March. Steven Herrick had students giggling with his mixture of embarrassing poems about teenage love, puberty and even nosehair. As the author of the next text we will study in year 8 English Love, Ghosts and Nose Hair, Herrick gave students an insight into his creative process and how his own teenage years, as well as his sons’, are an inspiration for his verse novels.


As an annual visitor to Thornbury High School, Herrick praised students for their engagement, their manners and their willingness to have some fun. Poems about toenails made students squirm, while verses on high school crushes made their faces blush. A hit with students every year, Steven Herrick’s performance sets students up for their text study in English, sparking their curiosity by giving them a taste of “a story told in poems”.