Camps + Trips

Co-curricular opportunities

Each year our students travel around Australia and the world on camps and trips.  From year level camps to Lake Dewar, Phillip Island and Surfers Paradise to curriculum camps like the Year 8 music camp and the Outdoor Education Lorne hike.  Our cross-year level experiences include a Visual Arts trip to Tasmania, a Science trip to NASA in the USA and trips to Italy, China, Vietnam, Central Australia and Cairns.


Upcoming trips:

  • Central Australia 2021
  • NASA 2021
  • Italy 2022
  • Cairns 2023

The full schedule of all camps and trips can be found here.

Year 7 Camp - Lake Dewar Lodge Myrniong

Our annual Year 7 Camp was held in Term 1 - where our Year 7 students headed off towards Werribee Gorge for two nights, ready for a multitude of outdoor activities. Lake Dewar lodge was our host, and they did a magnificent job feeding, housing and entertaining 150 Year 7's and staff!

As always, the weather played a massive role, as we experienced the biggest deluge of the year so far on night one, leaving all activities to be extremely wet and muddy the next day.

As the rest of Melbourne started hoarding toilet paper as the coronavirus pandemic started to take hold, we remained blissfully unaware of what was unfolding around us for the better part of 72 hours, before we headed back to Melbourne late Friday afternoon. The students enjoyed activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, flying on a flying fox, orienteering, jetty jumping, tunneling and a screening of the very first Thornbury High School feature film!


Wet, muddy and tired, the students had a wonderful time away and we can only apologise to the parents who were in charge of laundry duty once their son or daughter returned home!