Science - Magnetic field lines

At the end of last term Year 9 students were studying electromagnetism in science. While studying this topic 9A and 9G spent a lesson using bar magnets and iron filings to visualise the magnetic field, by viewing the movement of iron filings when sprinkled around the outside of a bar magnet. They also used compasses to visualise the magnetic field by using the compass to plot points along magnetic field lines around a bar magnet and then connecting them up. These simple activities allow the otherwise invisible magnetic field to be seen!



The Science faculty is once again calling for applications from students interested in attending the 2021 NASA tour. This will be the third time Thornbury High School has teamed up with Rosehill Secondary College and Buckley Park Secondary College to run this tour.  The tour will run from 10 April – 23 April 2021.

Contact Lisa Pieropan for more information.  

2020 STEAM Student Experiences

Across the year many extracurricular events and experiences are promoted to students wanting to expand their understanding of Science.  The following experiences may be of interest to students. Please see Ms Pieropan in the Science Office for more information.

ConocoPhillips Science Experience  - range of dates (Y9+10)

Youth ANZAAS Camp - applications open in March  (Y10-12)