LNPS News Reporters

LNPS News Reporters

Dear Parents/Caregivers


As LNPS Reporters, we were given the opportunity to interview some students about what they have enjoyed during Semester 1. We are excited to have this opportunity and cannot wait for our next project, so stay tuned! 


The students answered the questions that we asked them. They answered all the questions really well and we would like to thank them for their participation. This was only the second time that we have interviewed anyone. 


We asked them two questions each.


Isla - Have you enjoyed this term so far and why? 

Sibella - Yes, because Mr Jonathon has set lots of fun and hands on tasks!

Isla - Have you been trying your best?

Sibella - Yes, because I have been completing more tasks!


Taylor - Have you enjoyed this term so far and why?

Noah - Yes, because we have had good challenges and fun tasks!

Taylor - Have you tried your hardest?

Noah - Yes, because I have moved away from distractions!


Poppi - Have you enjoyed this term so far and why?

Sophia - Yes, because it has been good to be back to school with my friends and learning more things!

Poppi - Have you tried your hardest and how?

Sophia - Yes, because I wanted to have a good start to the term and thrive to do my best!


Students have been doing well by trying their hardest to strive for their personal best and get their work done by the due date. Just by reading these interviews, we think other children will strive to do their personal best.


Thank you for reading our article.


Kind Regards,

LNPS News Reporters