Specialist Subjects

German and Greek

Language learning experiences include reading and creating written texts, oral interactions and listening tasks.  Students communicate with peers to share ideas and opinions, relate experiences and express feelings. When participating in collaborative activities and classroom routines, students ask and respond to questions, working both independently and collaboratively to develop and enhance their vocabulary and language learning skills.


Students are encouraged to support their learning and build their confidence and fluency by working online with Duolingo, the world’s largest online language learning platform.  Duolingo can be accessed at home and is very easy to follow.  Each student has an account and their progress is monitored. Share in this learning at home. Parents can learn too!


Google Classroom has also become an integral of our teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to check Google Classroom regularly. It is used to share announcements, pose questions, extend learning and give feedback. It is a valuable means of communication where additional information and resources can be shared and accessed by students at any time, not just during their language lessons. 


OPA Thursday has been successful and will continue to take place in the gym at lunch time once a month. All students are encouraged to join in the experience of Greek music and dance.


We begin this semester focussing on forces,'What is weightlessness?' (Physical sciences) before moving onto Life cycles (Biological science) next term.

Exploring the theme of Destination Moon: more missions, more science  for the 2019 National Science Week will assist students develop knowledge and understandings about direct forces and those from a distance. Viewing videos featuring Canadian astronaut, Chris Hatfield, will demonstrate first-hand what life is like on the International Space Station and give insight into innovations space exploration has enabled. Students will frame questions, predict outcomes and communicate observations, ideas and findings using formal and informal representations.

Tasks and conversations within our lessons are linked to other subject areas to help build connections and provide context. This includes mass v weight in Maths and Facts v Opinion and Information genre writing  during English. Continued vocabulary development remains a focus this semester. This will encourage students to use appropriate technical language when classifying and explaining their thinking and findings.

In addition, students are honing their coding skills, with opportunities to build their capacity for problem solving and logical and critical thinking.  It is great to witness their creativity, confidence, perseverance and resilience .... and the wide smiles indicating a real sense of achievement!

Physical Education 

This semester, children will continue to practise and refine fundamental movement skills in physical activity.

Children will kick off the semester with MISSFIT movement coming to LNPS, providing a fitness, wellbeing and movement program with a focus on hip hop and aerobics. During PE lessons, children are given the opportunity to combine creative dance movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences to music. The focus will then shift to bat and ball games to further develop children's motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Children will be given opportunities to explore badminton, tennis and cricket in engaging skill and game based activities. Through active participation, children will learn more about individual sports and further develop their knowledge about movement and how the body moves. PE lessons will  continue to foster leadership, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making in team sports. 

Premier’s Be Active Challenge

A friendly reminder that the PBAC finishes on 27th September, 2019!!

Active Kids make better learners!


Physical activity can help with focus, improves behaviour and promote a positive attitude. Any type of physical activity is good, and 60 minutes a day is best. 


The Challenge

Take the Premier’s be active Challenge and reap the rewards.

The challenge is to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity on at least 5 days of the week for at least 4 weeks. After 4 weeks of daily recorded physical activity you will be rewarded with a medal. Simply record your progress and return your registration form to the Front office. The Challenge finishes on the  27th September 2019.