Round the classes 

Reception class : Katie 

Over the past two weeks we have been continuing to work on learning some more letter sounds. We have even started learning how to put these sounds into words and are continuing to practise reading and writing these.

In maths we have been learning how to write numbers correctly and have done a lot of work learning about the number 5. 

This week we will continue to get our garden beds ready for planting next week. As part of our social skills program we have been learning about the Kimochi Cloud and how he can be mad, sad and happy. 


Year 1/2 classes : Sam and Kelly

What a busy two weeks we have had! The Reception to Year 2s had a wonderful time at Arbury Park last Thursday. They had activities that engaged using their five senses - touch, sight, hear, feel and smell. It was great seeing them engaged so well in each activity. We had a wonderful time celebrating Harmony Day as a whole school and enjoyed making 'chatterboxes' to learn and discover similarities and differences with our older buddy classes.  


In English, the Year 1/2 classes have been continuing learning new sounds, focusing on beginning, middle and end sounds, blending the sounds together and forming the sounds correctly. The students have been engaging in dictation and sentence writing using new words such as ill, dizzy, devour, sizzle etc. 

In maths we have been focusing on chance and understanding focus words including: unlikely, likely, certain, uncertain, and impossible. We have also been continuing to focus on place value and number games.


Year 3/4 class: Stephen and Henry

In Stephen/Henry's year 3/4 class we have been busy learning about patterns in maths.  We have learnt that there are number patterns, picture patterns and growing patterns.  Basically, we have discovered that there are lots of ways to make patterns.  

We have been engaged with some music as well: learning songs and singing along by following beats and timing. 


Year 3/4 class: Alex

This fortnight students have enjoyed building on their narrative writing skills by including dialogue to give insight into their characters and move the plot along. 

In Maths students have been reflecting on what they currently know and are writing goals for their learning in the area of addition. They have also been using their reasoning and problem-solving skills in daily estimation challenges, sharing their thinking processes and strategies with the class. 

In Geography students have been investigating and discussing humans’ connection to and relationship with the land. They have been exploring this concept from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perspective and have been considering what makes a place meaningful to themselves as individuals. 

The students demonstrated great leadership, respect and care on Harmony Day, teaching their Year 1/2 buddies how to make a paper chatterbox and then getting to know one another by using their creations to ask each other questions about their families, cultures and interests. 


Year 5/6 class: Sallie

In maths we have been looking at fractions and the many facets involved in this topic. 

For English we are fully engrossed in our guided reading and enjoying discussing why and how writers do what they do.  By now I hope your child has told you about the reading   journal we have started. We are trying to reach a goal of reading 20 minutes a day and your job is to sign off on this. I will be checking during the week if students are keeping up with this.  To support this, I have started a Secret Reading Club. If students get to school early, they can "sneak" in and sit on the deck and read quietly and I will sign their journal for them. 

We have had a Year 5 NAPLAN practice test. A few issues with our internet connections so we will work on that. 

Harmony Day was fabulous! We look forward to sharing more special days with parents and grandparents when COVID is not an issue. 

I am working on a camp for the Year 6s ..nearly sorted, look out for a note in the next week.  

Congratulations to Ethan, Dylan and Lara who represented our school at the district swimming carnival and thank you to Lisa Bond who took on the responsibility of driving and supervising our students. Although we only had a small group of swimmers for the  carnival Lisa Bond said..."They were all really well behaved and engaged. They were keen to watch all the races." Thank you Lisa for taking a day off from your busy work to support our swimmers. Dylan and Ethan did well in their heats and Lara will be representing the Hills district in the freestyle relay and in breaststroke next term.  Great effort everyone. 


Indonesian - Ibu Susan

In Indonesian we have been linking colour words to our key words like rambut ( hair) and mata  (eyes). The older classes have been describing different hair styles. They also watched an animated story of Rapunzel in Indonesian to help develop their listening skills.