Wilderness Week

Successful return of our valued Year 9 program

A particular thanks  to Leading Teacher Baden Small  and Ash Gowan, Year 9 Coordinator and all staff who made the Wilderness Week possible. Whilst many schools are winding down programs we have been winding up our energy and commitment.The Wilderness Week  program aligns with our school value of resilience and dovetails with ourstrategic goal of improving student wellbeing. 


Wilderness Week Goals

1. Develop an appreciation of wilderness values. It is important to preserve ecosystems for the natural health of the world environment and provide pristine places where the human spirit can be restored and inspired.

2. Develop an appreciation of self-sufficiency so that students can appreciate another perspective to materialism and a consumer society.

3. Succeed in meeting and overcoming challenges physically and mentally. To understand that there are rewards in going beyond your personal comfort zone.

4. To develop self-reliance and resilience in students to feel empowered in their lives.

5. To build an understanding of teamwork so they can work effectively in groups and form affirming relationships.

6. To develop an increased sense of self-efficacy and responsibility towards the natural environment, and begin to develop their own ideas and strategies to effect positive change.


Grampians / Gariwerd hike:

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania hike:

Surf Camp on Great Ocean Road:


Wilsons Promontory hike:


Horse riding in the Victorian High Country


Sea Kayaking at Lake Victoria - Gippsland