Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at assembly on...

Friday 17th May 3:00pm

Changes to the GCA's

In term two of 2019, with a dedicated focus towards developing student voice and agency across the school, students will now be empowered to be value spotters themselves alongside teachers. Students will be encouraged to nominate peers for Global Citizen assembly awards they believe embody the values. This means that each class will now present one award selected by the teacher and one 'Student Spotted' award selected by student peers. This is made possible by a process of peer-to-peer nominations made in the weeks leading up to assembly. All nominations are to be accompanied with specific examples of why nominees deserve awards in line with school values

When viewing final GCA recipients for each class in the newsletter, parents will now notice one of the recipients accompanied with another students name. This is the peer that spotted them demonstrating the value. We believe it is important to give acknowledgement to those students that are working hard to identify positive values around the school, not just the ones exhibiting them. Spotters will also be mentioned in assembly. Look forward to seeing you at assembly to see it all in action.

Gregg Workman

School Values Ambassador



Lewis  C  -  Respect

Lewis consistently shows respect to his teachers and peers by showing fantastic listening skills in classroom conversations. He is also very aware of being courteous to those around him. Well done

Parker D  -  Respect - Spotted by Lewis C

For being kind and asking what was wrong when his friend was sad.

Mia L  -  Respect

Mia demonstrates respect to others with her exceptional manners, and shows respect for herself by doing her very best and producing quality work.

Brian S  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Jesse B

For being kind and for making new friends. 

Youn H  -  Respect

Youn consistently shows respect to others with his wonderful listening skills when his peers are presenting to the class. 

Isabella L’A  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Lua C

For including all her friends out in the playground.

Year 1

Jack W  -  Respect

For showing respect for classroom property and tidying up the classroom without being asked.

Emma H  -  Respect

For consistently respecting others when listening by maintaining eye contact and raising her hand. 

Louie T  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Marton J

For checking on a friend when they got injured during a game.

Lavith K  -  Respect

Lavith shows respect by always being polite and using his manners. He always respects the needs and feelings of others. 

Benjamin C  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Noah C

For using kindness, helping people and making sure the classroom is tidy.

Year 2

Scarlett  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Chloe L

For listening carefully to teachers and students.

Henry N  -  Respect

Henry demonstrates respect for school property, particularly when constructing with LEGO. 

Anna P  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Henry N

For demonstrating respect with listening to Miss B’s instructions.

Ethan H  -  Respect

Ethan demonstrates excellent listening skills during class discussions. He listens intently and puts his hand up before contributing his ideas. Keep it up, Ethan!

Jackson S  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Oscar B

For picking up lots of rubbish in the school yard.


Year 3

Kirven R  -  Respect

Kirven always demonstrates respect by consistently using his manners when communicating with his peers.

Maia K  -  Respect  - Spotted by Stef K

For demonstrating respect by including others into playground games.

Max S  -  Respect

For his dedication in looking after the computers in the year 3 area whilst the year 6 students were on camp.

Allegra C  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Harry B

For concentrating on her work and listening to the teacher.

Sahana S  -  Respect

For making the conscious effort to sit on the floor in a quiet and timely manner.

Adelaide B  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Jason M

For respecting the instructions of Ms Crawley and listening carefully at all times.

Year 4

Clementine H  -  Respect

Clementine demonstrates exceptional respect when listening and waiting for her turn to speak. This makes her an outstanding team member. 

Leo T  -  Respect  -  Spotted by - Luca L

For seeing him help a Foundation student who was upset.

Jack Mc  -  Respect

For always caring about his friends and showing respect towards all his teachers. 

Eve H  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Kora B

For always caring for others when they get hurt and for always being funny & helpful.

Year 5

Benji B  -  Respect

Showing care and respect to his classmates displaying a very inclusive manner.

Alan K  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Lachie T

For helping a student walk to sick bay when they had injured themselves in the yard.

Jakob M  -  Respect

Jakob is always helpful, treats everyone with courtesy and consistently demonstrates good manners. 

Emma N  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Subira S

For demonstrating respect for the teacher, by making direct  eye contact when conversing. 

Max J  -  Respect

Max is always respectful  and courteous towards his fellow classmates. 

Tayla K  -  Respect  -  Spotted by  Nellie M

For Helping me clean and tidy the classroom library without being asked.

Year 6

Zara Z  -  Respect

Zara was thoughtful and kind to her peers and teachers on the year 6 camp.

Aj S  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Lewis R

For displaying a respectful attitude in his cabin on the year 6 camp.

Louie M  -  Respect

Louie demonstrated respect on year 6 camp by encouraging his peers to push through their fears and offered support in challenging situations. 

Oliver S  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Alan S

For ensuring all students were included in group activities on the year 6 camp. 

Charlie S  -  Respect

Charlie is always looking to help other students at Ormond Primary School showing respect to teachers and his peers.

George P  -  Respect  -  Spotted by Georgia M

For being a great group member and listening to his teams ideas at camp and during screen it.