Whole School News

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Change of Days this week


Lunch orders will be available TOMORROW, Thursday 16th May instead of Friday due to the lunch shop being closed. 

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Working Bee  - Sunday 26th May


All families encouraged to come along and help clean up/maintain the school grounds. 

Performing Arts 

Foundation C will be performing an item in Assembly this Friday 17th May.

3B will perform a musical item in Assembly on Friday 24th May.


Foundation News

Last week in literacy we introduced our first four letter word, HAND. This week our word of the week was FROG, with the introduction of the letters f & r. After that we will learn the word ZIP where we will introduce the letter ‘z’ followed by the words YES and FLY where we will focus on the letter ‘y’. We are also busily learning our M100W (Magic 100 Words). While the children are learning their 100 words it is a great idea to play a few of the word games supplied in their books for more practice and consolidation. We encourage you to help your child to make the connection between their M100W and the words they are reading in their take home reader texts. Parents can assist reading comprehension by asking questions about what is happening on a page or in the story at bed story time or with their leader.


In Mathematics this week, the children will be introduced to ordinal numbers. They will then be involved in a range of length and place value activities. We continue our daily count to our 100 days of school.


In Humanities, the children will continue to explore the places around them and open their minds to the places and people that make up their community.


Lastly, when sending along ‘fruit snack’, please make sure that the snack is cut into bite size pieces and packed into a small named container, separate from the lunch box. The snack should be small enough to be eaten in about 4 minutes. When your child has a lunch order, remember to pack them a recess snack – three hours can be a long time between eating a small fruit snack and lunch. A reminder that Wednesday is Nude Food day when wrapper free snacks and lunches are encouraged. 

Year 3 News

Space Dome

On Wednesday 1st of May Year 3 had a space incursion. Our instructor was Nick. We learnt lots about space and why we have seasons, and night and day. Nick told us the Earth and moon are made of the same material. It was a fun incursion because we went inside a blown-up dome. It felt like you were drifting off into space, with all the stars around you. It was a dream come true.   

By Ruby 


Year 6 News

Year 7 2020 McKinnon Secondary College 

  • Open evening - Wednesday 8th May at 7pm in McKinnon School Assembly Hall.
  • Tour dates - Friday 10th May & Tuesday 21st May 2019 915am to 10.15am. Bookings for tours essential, please call office on 8520 9000.

Year 6 Camp

On the 6th of May the Year 6 students left to go to Camp Coonawarra for five days. Everyone was so excited and we couldn’t wait to get there. Four hours later we finally arrived and everyone was jumping with joy. We started with a Decathlon and a bit of a tour so we could get to know the camp a bit better. On the first night we went on a night walk and discovered more of the camp. We saw where all of the activities were using our torches and it gave us the chance to see the Southern Cross and the two Pointers in the sky.


Over the next few days we completed activities like Horse Riding, Team Rescue, Orienteering, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Archery and many more. One of the favourite activities was Horse Riding because not many people had done it before, and it was an amazing experience. Another highlight was the Giant Swing as it is not everyday activity and people enjoyed having the challenge of going really high. A few of the activities were brand new to people and everyone learnt something new about themselves. We enjoyed the night activities which included a Trivia night, Movie night and a Reflection night with music and marshmallows around a camp fire.


Before we knew it was time to go home. Overall everyone had a great time and everyone learnt something new. A special thanks to Mr Capicchiano, Miss Cecil, Mr Conky, Miss Milliken for giving up their spare time to make this camp happen. We would also like to thank the Year Six teachers for organising the experience.


Written by Ashton and Georgia


PE & Sport News

The District Cross Country is on tomorrow May 16th from 12:00pm-3:00pm at Karkarook Park. If any parents are able to be a marshal for this event please contact Ms Milliken.


The students competing in this carnival were selected from the House Cross Country carnival. The Ormond Primary School District Cross Country team consists of the following students - parents please ensure your payment and consent have been processed on Compass as soon as possible. 


U9/10 Boys                               U11 Boys

Adam A                                           Toby C

Noam C                                           Elliot C

Harry B                                           Liam Z

Sam Ho                                          Angus C

Luca S                                             Michael Z

Kynan E                                         Jack C

Alex M                                             Darcy R

Cade K                                            Charlie H

                                                          Brendan P


U9/10 Girls                                U11 Girls

Anastasia T                                  Bella M

Samara M                                     Lucinda L

Georgia W                                    Amy M

Talya L                                          Freya H

Ruby J-A                                      Zara Z

Gigi W                                            Angela Z

Hayley J-A                                  Annaliese T

Maggie T                                      Bessie M


U12/13 Boys                            U12/13 Girls

Hugh D                                          Siena N

Felix D                                            Marloe M

Benji B                                           Abby G

Thomas W                                    Georgia Dwyer

Max O                                             Lucia Coulthard

Sam B                                            Amelia Smith

Isaac D                                           Isla Kelly

Hugh O’N                                       Georgia Macris

Tommy B


Year 3 to Year 5 Swimming Program

Year 3-5 Swimming starts next week. 

Payment and Consent has now passed. Any students not participating in the Swimming Program will remain at school for the activity.

If you child cannot participate due to medical reason please contact the office in writing as well as providing a medical certificate. 



Year 6 Sports Tops

Year 6 Sports tops are now available to purchase through Compass Course Confirmation/Payments.


Emma Milliken

PE Teacher, Sports Coordinator