Principal's Report 

From the Principal...

Facilities and Grounds

Our maintenance person is still unavailable and we have again sought help from the Marriott group. Our scheduled working bee on May 26th will also help to improve the tidiness of the yard and prepare areas for the new seating. The capital works project is now in the design development and tender option stage. After a difficult time where the school had to place significant items from the project in order of least important to most (these items are to be cut if the project goes over budget), we are now finalising ramp possibilities for the upper level. There were many recommendations made by the acoustic engineer that altered the original architectural plans and inevitably added costs.


Decanting Outline

The school will continue to keep students and families informed of building works due to commence in Term 3, 2019. Stage one of the major project works will commence around the 15th August, 2019 and this will impact on the location of Grade 2 classes. 2C will decant to the Korean room at the mid break and then the server and ICT infrastructure will be relocated to the former ICT room. This space will accommodate the technicians, the server and there will be space allocated to a meeting/ conference area for staff and visitors. During this phase the builders will prepare a new Ruby Street gate and path further down the street in preparation for our new STEAM block. The builder’s compound will be located outside the staffroom on the Wheatley Rd front area, to ensure the safety of all students during the construction phase. Phase One should be completed by October and at this point there will be two fully refurbished classrooms with a bi-fold door created on the ground floor where Sally Berryman currently resides.


Learning and Teaching

This week our Year 3 and 5 students are sitting their NAPLAN assessments.  They had opportunities to familiarise themselves with the types of questions and the format of these tests prior to the testing week. Information has been sent home to parents about how the results are used and what the purpose of NAPLAN is. We are also encouraging students in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 to complete the Writing assessment under NAPLAN conditions to ensure they are still familiar with expectations and to provide the school with a consistent piece of writing that teachers can moderate with.


The staff participated in a Fountas and Pinnell workshop on our curriculum day. The focus was on Reading and building consistent practice across the school. This levelled reading approach is used in schools world-wide and gives teachers more in depth information about what skills and competencies have been achieved and what should be targeted next. Thanks to Sally Berryman for organising the presenter for the day and to all staff for their participation and focus.


Over the next few weeks, the staff will also engage in CUST (Cultural Understanding and Safety Training). CUST in schools promotes systematic change; enhancing all students’ understanding and respect for Koorie culture and history, as well as supporting improved outcomes for Koorie students, by strengthening the cultural capability of schools’ workforces. The staff will participate in 3 workshops this term and audit our curriculum units to explore how we include indigenous perspectives.


Special Events & Announcements

The school has appointed a new ICT technician to replace David. His name is Louiz and he will work in conjunction with John to maintain all of our Tech Support needs.  Jade Zajonc has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. We wish her and her family all the best and we are positive Mother’s Day was extra special for her last Sunday.


Thank you to all the parents who organised and ran the Mother’s Day stall. The students enjoyed handing over their special gifts on Sunday and these items were truly appreciated by all the mum's. For those attending tomorrow's movie night, we hope you enjoy the movie and a sneaky beverage and nibbles with the other mum's. 


Last week, I spent time at the Year 6 camp and joined in on some of the activities. The students were thoroughly enjoying themselves and they were all well behaved and attentive. The highlight for me was the trail ride where I saw many students overcome a lack of confidence and truly enjoy the horse riding experience. The commentary from Ashton V, who was hot on my heels was entertaining to say the least!


School Review Update

Lorrie and I continue to follow up all accountabilities around our whole school review. Lorrie has worked tirelessly to ensure all policies and procedures comply with the VRQA standards. We have worked closely with the SEIL to ensure all documentation and processes are in line with departmental expectations. The report from our reviewer has arrived and this document will play a pivotal role in driving our new strategic plan. School council has received the section of this report which summarises the outcomes of the review and future directions for the school.


Kerri McLeod


   -   SAVE THE DATE   -   

Working Bee  - Sunday 26th May


All families encouraged to come along and help clean up/maintain the school grounds. 

              -   LUNCH ORDERS  - 

Change of Days this week


Lunch orders will be available TOMORROW, Thursday 16th May instead of Friday due to the lunch shop being closed. 

2018 Lunch Order Survey

Towards the end of last year a working party consisting of interested parents and teachers undertook a review of our lunch order processes in line with the Department of Education’s recommended guidelines. 


As part of this review our students, their families and the Ormond staff were surveyed. Below is a snapshot of the responses to the survey.


A copy of the full responses is available at the school office for perusal.


Lorrie Dell


Education Subcommittee

Out of School Hours Care

Bookings & Cancellations

Families please remember you are required to cancel Before and After School Care Bookings if you do not require the care. Cancellations can be noted in the program diary or by phone. If your child is absent from school and you have an After School Care booking you will need to inform the program and the school of your child’s absence. Cancellation fees only apply if don’t inform the program of your child’s absence.


Before School Care Cancellation Fees

  • Failure to cancel the Before School Care Booking. (With subsidy reductions for eligible families)    = Full Fee $15.00
  • Cancellation after 6.00pm the night before  care is required.  = Half Fee $7.50
  • Cancellation on the morning care is required, due to  the child being absent from school on that day due to illness.     = No Charge if the program is notified before 8.00am on the day, Or the night before.
  • Cancellation the day before care is required.   = No Charge if the program is notified before 6.00pm on the day before care is required.


We appreciate if families could assist us with following items.

  • Cardboard Cereal Boxes
  • Men’s or Ladies button up shirt.

After School Care Activities

Thursday 16th May                 Paper Plate Skulls

Friday 17th May                        Cooking

Monday 20th May                    Weaving, Ojo de Dios.

Tuesday 21st May                     Spoon Puppets

Wednesday 22nd May           Spin Drum

Thursday 23rd May                  Bag Tags

Friday 24th May                         Flour Sensory Activities

Monday 27th May                     Brooches

Tuesday 28th May                     Peg Heads

Wednesday 29th May              Masks


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator