Year 7 Art

In Art with Ms. McGregor 7B students have explored a variety of Aboriginal styles and techniques such as spray painting, stenciling, dot painting and X-ray line work, to create beautiful bright artworks.  

Well done!



Year 8 Art

In Art with Ms. McGregor, Year 8B students have shown a great understanding of colour application and demonstrated complex painting techniques like the famous Post Impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh.



Year 7 Materials

Throughout Term One, students in 7B have been working busily to construct an aluminium figurine of Ned Kelly. The students have had to trace, cut, file and shape their components to ensure that they fit together neatly and don’t have any sharp edges. Each of the figurines is held in place by a stand, which is constructed with dowel and a piece of pine.

All students in 7B are hoping to  to take their figurines home by the Easter holidays.



Units 1 & 2 Food Studies

It has been a very exciting few weeks with the new kitchen and dining room facilities now open and fully functional. Year 11 Food Studies have wasted no time, recently undertaking their practical assessments. 


Students have been studying Food Origins, focussing on food from historical and cultural perspectives. Students have had to investigate the origins and roles of food through time and across the world. 


During last week's practical assessments students produced bacon and cheese frittata with ancient grains. 

This week students will be cooking Tefff pancakes with poached apple and pear. Teff is a fine grain - about the size of a poppy seed, that comes in a variety of colours. It is an ancient grain from Ethiopia.