Thursday 21 May


Next week we are looking forward to welcoming all staff and the students in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 back to school.


Thanks for the feedback regarding our plans to safely have our staff and students returning.  As I have indicated it will need to be viewed as a trial, as its success will largely depend on our community following set processes. Social distancing must be maintained by adults at all times and as such this will impact on ‘drop offs’ and ‘pick-ups’. Parents will not be allowed onsite during these times or throughout the day.  If you are needing to collect your child early please phone the school and we can arrange for children to be at the front office. 


On Tuesday, the 2-minute parking area outside the front office will be where we will ask parents to pull in, drop off and then keep going.  There will be staff waiting to supervise and assist. Please travel along School Rd so you won’t need to turn around.  Plan your trip to come past Grandview Rd. 


Tomorrow, there will be no new work being scheduled on google classroom.  Students can use the day to catch up on any work they have not found time for.  Our teachers will be using the day as a professional practice day to start developing what our modified reports will look like, develop and update any ILPs and start preparing for returning on Monday. 


Pupil-free day - Monday 25th May

To support all school staff to prepare for this transition, Monday 25 May will be a pupil-free day. No onsite supervision is available.  No OHSC is not available on Monday.


Stage 1 – Tuesday 26th May

In the first stage, students in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 will return to school from Tuesday 26 May.  If you are using TheirCare, normal times will be continued and Jade is adhering to social distancing too with adults.


All other students in Years 3 to 6 and will continue learning from home until Tuesday 9 June.


For those students who cannot be supervised at home and vulnerable children, the existing model of on-site schooling will remain in place during the two-week period from Tuesday 26 May to Tuesday 9 June. The current process that we are using to enable parents and carers to indicate the days or part-days for which on-site schooling is still required will continue for this two-week period.  These students will enter the school as normal and commence at normal times.


Returning school belongings!

We have a number of students in Year 1 and 2 who have their tubs at home.  These need to be returned either today or tomorrow in readiness for Tuesday. Please read Lilly’s communication around cleaning and organising!


Those families who loaned an iPad and have students returning next week have been asked to return them fully charged with the charger by 12pm on Friday.  Glad they have been of use.


Understandably there will be anxieties around returning and we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact myself or your child’s teacher should you have any queries or concerns.  We need to continue supporting each other.


Lastly – I have set homework for each family, please refer to Compass to add your contributions. Thanks to those that have, it has been wonderful to read and I look forward to being able to share.


It will be a huge step next week for all of us, I am confident we will be fine.


Take care,

Dale McInerney