Principal's Report

I am writing this newsletter article on the day that ALL year levels are attending school together for the first time since lockdown 6 began on August 5th (at 8pm). 

This is a significant milestone for us to all move forward with remote learning slowly drifting off into the distance.  Again, to the many parents and grandparents I have spoken with who took on such an incredible task, well done. 


School Uniform

School uniform is important. It demonstrates school pride, makes students easily identifiable as an LPS student, is comfortable and practical and demonstrates the fact that instructions and rules can be followed. Many jobs require uniforms and school is the best place to learn this early! 

For students who are applying for leadership roles for 2022 and beyond, looking to earn an end of year award or a scholarship to another school, I would like to remind you that school uniform will be a large part of being successful.  I love our school and I love the way our uniform looks when everyone follows the correct policy.  So here is a reminder: 

  1. Red, white or black shoes
  2. Black shorts or skorts (no logos or trimming)
  3. Black pants or full-length black leggings
  4. White or black socks (no logos)
  5. LPS summer dress
  6. Hair should be of a natural colour

To read our full LPS School Uniform Policy please visit

Oh, and don’t forget your school hat in Term 4!



Our Farm

Earlier this year we were successful in gaining a grant through the Inclusive Schools Fund to spruce up the farm to make the area more functional and inviting for students. 

We have worked alongside the architects to open the farm up with large raising glass panels, and outdoor classroom with cover, double doors, a sensory garden with a hand water pump and rubber flooring. 

It is due for completion in April 2022. 



Thanks to all for your support as we manage the ever-changing COVID guidelines at school and in general. 

I hope everyone had a great cup day earlier this week and got to spend much needed time out and about or with family and friends! 


Have a great fortnight, 


Mark Moorhouse