3/4 News

"Every person at the Sacred Heart has a right to feel safe, to be happy and to learn"






Above is the Specialist timetable for this year. Sport uniforms are to be worn on P.E. days and class sport days. Our class sport day is Thursday and we do it with the whole level to allow children to work with friends in other classes. 

As Term 1 and 4 are Sun Smart Terms, please make sure your child has their hat as unfortunately 'No hat means No play'. Please make sure all your child’s belongings are labelled clearly.

Welcome to 3/4 2022

What a great start we have had to the year? It is so wonderful to see the smiling faces coming in each morning and to hear the laughter of friends reconnecting. Routines are being negotiated, modified and established and creating such a good feel in the classrooms.

Our key mantra at the moment is "Every person at the Sacred Heart has a right to feel safe, to be happy and to learn".


We understand that some families are still waiting on the iPads to be set up. Patience and understanding is the call for teachers and the students. We are not using them at the moment so that those that don't have them don't miss out. All things come to those that wait.

The children also need headphones at school everyday as we use them in our literacy program and incidentally most days. Please make sure they are clearly labelled 


We have sent home the family invitations and are thrilled to be able to share snap shots and work from the classroom. Hopefully you have received them and are seeing what we have been doing.

Life Education

The children went and reacquainted themselves with healthy Harold and his friend Damien. Our unit is bCyberwise and we discussed the apps we use, the time we spend online, safe and unsafe behaviours, recognising and describing cyberbullying and how to respond. We also will be doing some follow up work in our classrooms.

It would be great if you could chat to your children about what was discussed and reinforce the learning.

Respectful Relationships 

Research shows that students who participate in rigorously designed and well-taught social and emotional learning programs demonstrate more positive social behaviour, are less likely to engage in risky and disruptive behaviour, and show improved academic outcomes. Our first topic for this year is Emotion Literacy and being able to identify what emotions we are feeling. Students will engage in weekly activities each week to support their wellbeing and growth.


Classroom supplies

We have distributed books, pencils, colouring pencils and textas, rulers rubbers etc. Please ensure they have a MEDIUM  sized pencilcase (that fits easily into their tub) to hold them.

Tissues: we all use them, so we all contribute! Please send to school a box of tissues each term for the class supply cupboard. we tend to go through a lot, especially when it is cold/flu season.


Parent Info Night

We look forward to sharing with you what we are learning and doing this term and this year and answering questions you may have. We are also excited for the opportunity for you to tell us about your child at the Parent Teacher Chats in week 4. Please book on PTO. Until then, please come and see us in the yard at pick up time, even if just to say hi and give us a chance to put names to faces.

Classroom Contacts

Should you wish to get in touch with your child’s teacher for any reason or you wish to make an appointment to speak with them, please contact them through Seesaw directly. If you prefer you can also use email. You can reach us on these addresses:









We look forward to a fun-filled year.

The 3/4 team

Matilda, Tiffany, Gemma, Joanne and Jacque