Play Leaders: Making the yard safe and fun for everyone!


THRIVE is all about helping our kids to be at their best and this includes when they are out in the yard. At Langwarrin Primary we have a team of Play Leaders who help keep the yard fun and safe by setting up games and activities for junior students.  


The recruitment and training for our 2021 Play Leaders has commenced. On Monday we held our first training day. Students practiced working together, leading the games and even had a practice session with Prep T. It was a great day and they can’t wait to play with the junior students next year.  


Why do you want to be a Play Leader?


Aerin-  “I want to help little kids play games if they don’t have anyone to play with and I want to set a good example for kids younger than me.”  


Ella – “I want to be a play leader because I think it’s a great way to learn responsibility whilst having fun and interacting and thriving with other people.”  


Charlotte- “I know how stressful it is being a prep or junior student, it’s hard to make friends so I want to stop them being lonely.”