Principal's Report

National School Chaplaincy Program Funding

As I type this principal's report for our second last newsletter I have just received an email letting our school know that we have been successful in obtaining National School Chaplaincy Program Funding for 2021 and 2022.  This means that Rose will continue to work alongside our staff, students and families to assist in so many valuable ways.  The work Rose has done this year in particular has been much needed and welcomed by many.  We are very lucky to receive the funding again.  Thanks to Brittany Taylor for putting in the work for the application. These things don’t just happen, there is always work behind the scenes to receive funding like this. 


LPS Tutoring Program 

It was announced a few weeks ago that tutors would be available in school to assist with learning catch up. 

This will be in addition to what we have already done this term which is to have Mrs Kregor and Mrs Hollier working with Grade 1 and Grade 2 students, Amanda from BRACE working with our Preps, not to mention the numerous pre-service teachers in our school working with students to improve their learning after the year we have had. 

Mr Roberts, Mrs Hollier and Mrs Doughty (Bovell) will be the LPS tutors and are all well known to our students.  Whilst the school has only been funded for 2 terms of tutoring, we are able to extend our tutoring program for the duration of 2021.  Obviously this means more support for more students in Literacy and Numeracy.  We will be working to the government’s criteria and utilising our recent assessments to identify students who may benefit from small group tutoring and fit the criteria.  The tutors will contact parents early next year. 


A Special Assembly

On Monday 14th, I will be hosting a special assembly to announce our 2021 school captains! Parents will have access to a link to be able to watch the announcement and our grades will be able to watch it in their classrooms. 


Meet the Teacher

Monday 14th will also see students meet their 2021 teacher.  This is a very exciting time for all students.  I thank Mr B and our class teachers for the many hours of work and meetings that go into creating classes and the complexities that come with it.  We consider all requests however at times we cannot appease everyone. 

Thanks for your ongoing support. 


Mark Moorhouse