Year 5


A few weeks ago (Thursday 7th March), Brainstorm Productions came to our school to perform ‘The Human Race’. The production consisted of four main characters, Dee Dee, Dunc, Kane and Kimbo. The performance was for the Year 5 and 6 students and was held in the MY Gym.

At the start of the performance the characters were faced with a problem  -  we heard that Dee Dee had posted an embarrassing photo of Kimbo on social media, without asking her.  Kimbo and Dee Dee were supposed to be partners in a worldwide ‘Human Race’, representing Australia. Because of the photo Kimbo didn’t want to be Dee Dee’s partner any more.

Kimbo found a new partner, Kane, but he cheated; Dee Dee also had to find a new partner (Dunc), but he was the un-coolest boy in school.

The characters faced a lot of challenges in the ‘race’ and learnt a lot about working together, respecting each other and staying safe online.

The funniest part of the performance was when Dunc danced at the end!!!


Ava  and Taylor  Year 5C