Year 3-Inquiry


My favourite thing in Inquiry is doing our diorama. I’m working on it right now. I’m almost finished. I’ve chosen the redbelly black snake. Do you know it’s the lightest snake? If it bites a cane toad, it’s all over, the cane toad will die.  Redbelly black snakes are found around cool ponds and swimming pools.



I liked when we did the group project about the different states. I leant that the Northern Territories national animal is the red kangaroo. We made a big poster and we presented it to our class.



I learnt that when a dingo is 5 years old they are actually smaller than a child. Dingo’s live in the deserts and in grasslands. They eat rabbits. They actually have a predator and that’s a lizard!



I really liked learning about the animals of Australia. We are currently making a plan of where our animals live. We are going to make a diorama. It was difficult for me to choose an animal so I’m going to do two. I’ve chosen the cuttlefish for school and I’ll do a dragonfly for my home activity.



I learnt that Australia has many different types of people who live here. People also love to visit to see all the fascinating parts of Australia. They would visit Philip Island, Cooper Pedy, Adelaide, our beaches and Venus Bay. Animals in Australia are amazing and very interesting.